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Our ambition is to create beautiful and unique things. That’s why we want to be as close to our customers as possible, who give us that opportunity by sharing their visions with us. Because the best things are created by co-creation where you participate in a project in person or in your architect.

 Decorative architectural concrete, modern bathrooms and interior design it’s a Luxum specialty. Unique product lines are created using leading technology to ensure the highest quality. The manufacturer supplies luxury products from natural architectural concrete, solid surface composites – Corian, Krion, Staron, GFK Luxum, carbon fiber, MDF, conglomerates, wood, Corten steel COR-TEN and other modern and traditional materials. Modern bathrooms to size, unusual furnishings – it’s what we’re creating with passion, to your individual order. We are carrying out tailor-made modern projects that become the ultimate unique luxury product that emphasizes the unique character of the interiors.
Designed with customers or their architects or inspired by some of the best projects, modern bathroom facilities in the biggest cities of Poland, such as Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw, Poznan and Gdansk. Modern projects are also implemented in smaller locations, whose inhabitants choose original interior design. Creative Interiors Gallery, bathroom lounge in Krakow. This is a place where we gladly to meet our customers and architects to create personalized, new interior stories. Decorative architectural concrete – concrete plates for walls, fireplaces, floors, elevators, fences, terraces. Bathroom equipment on request – modern freestanding bathtubs and unique built-in bathtubs, wash basins with worktops, double wash basins, unusual shower trays, wash basin cabinets, bathroom furniture, 3D wall panels, unusual furniture. All bathroom and interior fittings are available on request – to size, any shape, color and structure. Explore Luxum – check out our online offering or visit our Gallery – bathroom lounge in Krakow. Bet on architectural concrete and other luxury materials. Choose individually designed, modern bathrooms, private and commercial interior solutions, that are best-of-breed and assured quality of Luxum.

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HOMSA Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.) Limited partnership
Jana Dekerta 44 30-703 Krakow
Krakow (+48) 12 346 49 11


Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
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HOTLINE (+48) 12 307 00 70
HOTLINE (+48) 12 346 49 11
FOR ENGLISH mob. (+48) 692 705 767

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Architectural concrete No 1 in Europe. Natural, without harmful artificial fibers. Panels made of decorative concrete Creativ-Concrete™ from Luxum, designed and manufactured with safety in mind. First architectural concrete boards with attractive design, for indoor and outdoor use, available in 11 colors, multiple formats and 3 structures. Read more...
Creative-Concrete™ concrete slabs, perfect for walls, floors, fireplaces, facades, fences, small architecture, stairs and terraces. Creative-Concrete™ from Luxum is a decorative concrete slab with unique design properties, thanks to its low weight, ease of processing and the possibility of mounting on glue or decorative or invisible anchors. Interiors and facades, designed with architectural concrete from Luxum, take on a unique character. Decorative concrete is currently the most universal material used in interior and exterior finishing of buildings designed in modern, industrial and loft styles. What's interesting, architectural concrete is a timeless material, which is willingly used by good designers, in revitalizations and repairs and adaptations of older buildings. Creative-Conctrete™ decorative concrete slabs are environmentally friendly. They are fully recyclable. Their minimum durability is estimated at 80 years. The patented formula, technological process and the use of Luxum impregnation make these concrete slabs resistant to the development of harmful bacterial flora, fungi, lichens and moulds. The high quality of decorative concrete from Luxum is confirmed by constant laboratory control, CE certificate and PZH (Polish National Institute of Hygiene) certificate. The manufacturer also recommends system glue, primers, impregnates, decorative anchors and overlays for architectural concrete. Creative-Concrete™ concrete panels are available in continuous sale. Delivery is carried out within 24 - 72 hours from the order. The technical hotline tel +48 519-170-600 is available to customers and installers, where you can obtain all information about the aspects of the installation and operation of original decorative concrete from Luxum.
Luxum is a modern bathroom equipment designed to meet your individual requirements, strictly according to a personalized design. Bathroom equipment prepared in person, on a co-formation basis directly with the investor or his architect. It's the ideal solution for tackling the demanding, conscious needs of your customers. Investors are provided with modern bathroom equipment, exactly the way they like them, real-life needs and desire to show more than standard. The bathrooms are not just sophisticated, beautiful and designed. This is also a recognition that is not available to everyone. A true luxury that is worth the investment price. Read more...
Customized bathroom furnishing from Luxum is the only professional solution of this type in Poland. It is not selected from the catalogue here. In Luxum everything is created absolutely individually, in any form, size and colour. On request, Luxum reproduces and modifies according to individual needs, interior design inspired by the best projects of the XX and XXI century, it is enough to provide a specific model of equipment or send a photo. An important factor in this kind of projects is the adjustment of such products to Polish standards of hydraulics and fittings chosen by the investor. Modern equipment of Luxum bathrooms is a great architectural solution. The architect can achieve the realization of his bold design ideas and ambitious bathroom projects. Technical advisors and designers are at your disposal. It is enough for the architect to share his vision and the technical details will be refined. This approach to co-creation allows the architect to design boldly and with real time savings without the need to design technical details. Bathtubs, free-standing bathtubs, non-standard bathtubs and washbasins, double washbasins, washbasins, bathroom furniture, washbasin cabinets, shower trays, shower cubicles, shower surfaces, monolithic wallcoverings and many other exclusive solutions are at your fingertips. The entire ordering process is as simple as possible and all formalities can be completed quickly via the Internet. For those who furnish their bathroom and want to have luxurious bathroom equipment at hand, the company has prepared an offer under the brand name Cristalstone, where designer sinks with a linear drain, counter top sinks with a thin edge and free-standing bathtubs in the most popular sizes are waiting for you in the living room. It is worth visiting the largest showroom of luxury bathroom furnishings in Poland - Luxum Creative Interiors Gallery in Krakow. Where on several hundred square meters you can see the most characteristic, modern equipment of premium class bathrooms for luxury private bathrooms and bathrooms in A-class public buildings. Wash basins, bathtubs, shower trays, monolithic Corian walls, bathroom furniture and cabinets, as well as composite solid surface worktops made by Luxum, in any shape and color, are available on request with assembly, throughout the EU. Luxury bathroom furnishings are delivered to any place in the world. The company deals with proper packaging, forwarding and customs formalities.
Showroom - Creative Interiors Gallery in Krakow, it's a place for inspiring examples of brilliant design in the field of use and decorative interior fittings, where he leads his efforts, the bohema involved in interior design and design, and the young architects of architecture. Creative Interiors Gallery offers extraordinary creative possibilities thanks to the philosophy of co-creation. Together with design designers, architects and customers design simple, minimalist items. But also the furnishing of interiors with extraordinary architectural forms, apart from all standards, avant-garde and unique. Interior fittings that show their form, their ingenuity, their details and the quality of their design. Read more...
In the process of production of custom-made interior furnishings, the company uses the best solutions in the market in terms of materials and production methods. Small architecture and non-standard furniture, sanitary equipment are hand-made with the participation of advanced 3D technologies. Luxum production plants on the area of nearly 5,000 m2 are equipped with technologies unavailable in other Polish companies. We offer, among others, an 8m3 autoclave for the production of composite products of large dimensions and CNC numeric milling machine CNC, 5-axis with a working area of 125m2 where large-size furniture and elements of small architecture in 3D form can be created in one piece. This technology of interior design production is available in our part of Europe, only in Luxum. However, the most important thing that the company gives to its customers and architects is the knowledge and skills of professionals, artisans with unique abilities. Interior design Luxum is : - furniture to measure - unusual architectural forms - small architecture - capsules - seats - furniture buildings - trade fair constructions - reception counters - Buildings and furniture of the reception area - loft equipment - various types of buildings - bathroom furniture - 3D decorative panels - varnished and metallized surfaces, including cold application of metals. You will find interior design and bathroom equipment made of traditional materials such as architectural concrete, wood, exotic wood, natural and modified wood veneers (veneers), MDF, HDF, OSB, high quality carpentry boards, plywood, waterproof plywood, steel, rusted COR-TEN sheet metal, glass and modern composite materials: glass fibre (laminates) GRP composites, carbon - carbon fibre, Kevlar - aramid fibre, solid surface composites - Corian, Straron, Kerrock, Hanex, Hi-Macs, Montelli, Krion, high density PVC foams, hybrids, sandwich materials and others. The company also realizes interior design through transport and installation. At the disposal of customers and architects, there are professional teams of professionals, with the possibility of turnkey implementation of any type of interior. The company is distinguished on the market by its individual approach to customer needs and carries out large projects and these private, small orders for equipment in a single copy. The offer for interior decoration and bathrooms is used by hundreds of companies, institutions and private persons. Kraków, Luxum headquarters, showroom and project office. Easy access from the motorway junction, Balice Airport and the Main Railway Station.
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