Bathtubs to order

Bathtubs to order

Design your dream bathtub with Luxum

Modern bathroom is not only a place where we care about hygiene. It is also a relaxation zone, which, if properly composed, creates a truly comfortable interior. Arranging the sanitary space in our bathing room or small bathroom undoubtedly one of the most important criteria is the amount of available space. When designing a bathing space, we think about choosing the right equipment.

wanna_w_zestawie_z_umywalkamiA well-designed bathtub is a good solution for both lovers of long baths and fast, energetic showers. In recent years, investors have decided to buy a bathtub because of its multifunctionality. Made to measure, they are appreciated for their innovative and perfectly functioning design. High utility bathtubs are combined with top-class design. They are made of the highest quality Solid Surface materials: GFK Luxum, Corianu, Crion, Staron and others. Thanks to this, the bathtubs maintain the warmth of the water very well. What is more, the material from which the bathtubs are made is difficult to scratch and resistant to discoloration – it has high mechanical strength. It does not turn yellow or grey, even after many years of intensive use.

On request, bathtubs are available in various types of finish.


Additionally, bathtubs can be equipped with a comfortable headrest, seat and hydromassage system.

The size of a bathtub should depend, among other things, on the growth of the users and the number of people who use it. Bathtubs, which are made to measure, can be perfectly adapted to our needs, regardless of the amount of space allocated to it. The advantages of bathtubs designed to individual order are the ability to obtain any form, size, thickness, structure and color. What is more, various solutions give us the possibility to use the space in an optimal way, without compromising the design and style of the whole room. Custom designed bathtubs are also a full freedom in creating additional systems, such as whirlpool bathtubs. It is a perfect way to relax and unwind in the comfort of your own home or apartment.

Luxum creates bathtubs made of Solid Surface materials:

– oval baths

– corner wash basins

– hydromassage bathtubs

– rectangular bathtubs

– bathtubs of the log type

– double bathtubs

– stand-alone bath tubs

– asymmetric bathtubs

– built-in bath tubs

A wealth of unique designs, colours and shapes is a guarantee that everyone, even the most demanding customer will find something for themselves. With Luxum you can arrange the bathroom of your dreams – equipped exactly the way you want, regardless of the amount of space you have at your disposal.


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