Washbasins for public bathrooms

Washbasins for public bathrooms

Public bathrooms are slowly becoming the norm in current European standards. The law requires that bathrooms should be in every shopping centre, most catering establishments and public buildings, and should be free-standing in urban spaces. Bathrooms in public toilets should be clean and comfortable. Investments in bathrooms are necessary because they are a showcase of the place where they are located.

Cheap, clean bathrooms are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Luxum’s multi-position washbasins, changing tables and worktops meet in modern and well-equipped public bathrooms. Public bathrooms equipped with Luxum multi-position washbasins are the highest class. An important aspect is to adapt the washbasins to the architect’s ideas.

Luxum’s bathroom sinks in public toilets meet the most stringent standards.

umywalka-wielostanowiskowa-nieregularny-ksztaltParticular emphasis is placed on the quality and durability of the surface. TNS OBOP studies published before Euro 2012 prove that in planning investments, special emphasis and priorities should be placed on bathrooms. Increasing the standard of public bathrooms is a necessity in terms of image and practicality. It is the premium customers who decide how popular and profitable a place becomes. They also expect an interesting design in public bathrooms. It is not true that customers only expect cleanliness and nothing unusual. They expect unusual, interesting and inspiring solutions. If we take care of the aesthetics of public toilets, we will be much better perceived, and the outlays will bring the expected profits. For every designer and investor it is important to combine aesthetics with standards and ergonomics. That is why we completely resign from washbasins mounted on the counter top and glued under stone and plastic worktops. Silicones filling gaps and joints quickly lose their properties, become a habitat for dirt and unflattering evaluations.

At present, composite materials are used in modern bathrooms, thanks to which the prestige of the whole investment is increased. They are characterized by the possibility of forming any solids and creating perfect, avant-garde arrangements. Multi-position washbasins with worktops, manufactured to individual order, for the needs of this one place, is the best idea for a bathroom in a public toilet.


High-class composites of Solid Surface type – Corian, Staron, Montelli, Kerrock, and especially the most modern of them, created only for washbasins with a worktop – GFK Luxum, is a guarantee of long use and lack of joints and visible joints. Thanks to this, the washbasins are not only fully recyclable, but are also absolutely luxurious materials. What is more, they guarantee success in prestigious projects. In addition, multi-position washbasins can be ordered in a version covered with antibacterial coating.


umywalka-zielona-lazienki-publiczneLuxum, gives implementation possibilities, rarely seen on the Polish market. So it is not surprising that the most interesting public bathrooms in Poland were built with Luxum. Luxum has supplied sinks for newly built or renovated bathrooms, e.g. in Galeria Krakowska, Złote Tarasy (new bathroom on level 3), Plaza Poznan, Fashion House, IKEA Krakow, Pixel (Allegro building) Poznan, Palm House Gliwice, Theatre School in Kraków and many other public utility buildings.

Wash basins for public toilets manufactured at Luxum are appreciated by investors and users in almost all European countries.


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