Mirror tiles Luxformat™, modern solutions for exclusive private and commercial interiors, can be used in wet and demanding environments, such as corridors, kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, spa areas, oranjerie, transport lines, external elevations.

Luxformat™ is the leading mirror plates on the polish market, delivered exclusively in premium grade. The mirror decorative plates are available in a number of standard, most sought-after sizes and custom-made formats. The advantage of a mirror tile is its  a wide range of colours, to achieve the desired decorative effect, adapts to the scene of any interior, whether you’re using mirror plates in your kitchen, living room or any other room.

Excellent quality, this is what makes decorative mirror plates stand out

Mirror decorative plates Luxformat unlike many mirror tiles on the market, they do not form waste mirrors, only from specially manufactured european mirrors, world leader in the manufacture of glass and mirrors from SAINT-GOBAIN®.

This makes mirror plates stand out by double-coated base, no blemishes or inclusions, and no curvature or distortion. Luxformat® mirrors decorative plates show no tendency to corrode, specific to waste mirrors or asian mirrors.
Mirror wall plates are created using innovative technology, for reliable quality. State-of-the-art Swiss high-tech equipment and machining centers, for cutting, machining and make mirror tiles with bezel, and finished in any way, they are created with extreme precision, which is not available to most competing products. Mirror titles Luxformat™, are mechanically robust and easy to machine (you can trim them) and designed for quick installation onto Luxum assembly adhesive*.


Discover the advantages of mirror tiles

Mirror tiles Luxformat™ for the kitchen, living room and many other interiors, have a surface that is easy to keep clean without streaks or overflight. What’s more, the advantages of mirror plates are not only functional and modern design:

  • features of mirror tiles are not only a visual enlargement of the room, but also a deepening of its character,
  • light reflections reflected in the surface of the material create a unique atmosphere in the interior, which, depending on physical and atmospheric factors, we discover almost every day anew,
  • this solution will brighten up the room and is ideal for use in combination with classic materials such as wood, concrete or white and black furnishings,
  • mirror tiles can be arranged both on a small fragment of the wall and on a larger area,
  • they are particularly suitable for glamorous, modern or Scandinavian arrangements.

Mirror tiles – the way to variety of arrangements

Mirror tiles can be ordered on request in the colour of your choice, with or without bezel. Thanks to that they have a wide range of arrangement possibilities. They are the perfect choice when looking for the perfect wall lining for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms or guest rooms. They are an original alternative to typical glazing solutions.

Mirror tiles most often appear in compositions arranged “brick-on-brick”.

What else do you need to know about mirrored wall plates?

When choosing interior solutions for your home, remember:

  • mirror plates Luxformat™ they are precision engineered, available in versions with or without bezel
  • each Luxformat™ mirror board is checked manually and packed securely,
  • the order fulfillment department ensures that the average waiting time for decorative tiles in standard sizes is 48 hours and custom orders are processed within 3 to 5 business days
  • the Luxformat™ mirrored tiles are delivered securely, in special, non-refundable box
  • original** mirror plates Luxformat™, available only in Luxum®.

Welcome to the showroom with the largest decorative mirror tile exposurein wall arrangements or convenient online ordering.

*Recommended mounting of mirror tiles on Luxum assembly adhesive in the cartridge 290ml. Instant, precise and easy gluing without supporting for virtually any substrate, both inside and outside the room. Luxum® adhesive is safe for the back side of a mirror, free of silicone and solvents. Luxum® assembly adhesive allows for bridging any bending or loss of walls. The adhesive of mirror plates onto Luxum® adhesive is a safe choice. The adhesive is extremely strong and at the same time it remains slightly flexible,  which effectively protects against cracking of mirror plates even in the event of cracking or deformation. Insulating land Luxum® with with contact function is recommended for installation in bathrooms, walls and reverse of mirrors plates.

**Ladies and gentlemen, we have received many reports about the appearance of photos and descriptions Luxformat mirror tiles in various publications of unknown distributors. These publications appear in particular on various advertising portals and untrusted websites. Most of these products have nothing to do with the original product. Counterfeit or mirror replicas of Luxformat™ don’t have the quality and esthetic characteristics of the original product. As studies have shown, ordinary, non-original mirror decorative plates are susceptible to corrosion (characteristic dark stains and matt) and their dimensions and machining are not precise, which often prevents correct installation.

Planning to order mirror tiles for your kitchen or office? To be sure, it is best to place your order directly via the contact form. If in doubt, you can always place an order by calling the hotline (+48) 12 307 00 70.



Luxformat is a mirror tile made to order from the highest quality mirrors produced by Saint-Gobain. Created with attention to detail, they meet European standards for glass processing.

The tiles are available in five colour versions: gold, silver, fine copper (pink), graphite, bronze.


Mirror tiles installed in the kitchen or bathroom can seem difficult to keep clean. Not at all! For cleaning, you only need to use the standard mirrored or glass surface care products. We will easily remove all smudges and stains from the natural process of use.


The tiles are delivered directly to the place of investment within a week from the moment of placing an order.

Choose the most interesting alternative to your interior and create a unique arrangement



Simple and safe!

At Luxum we took care of the comfort of placing enquiries and orders

Find out how, when and for how much you will receive your order.
Send by e-mail, post, present your idea, design, drawing, sketch, photo, description with approximate dimensions, colours, shapes, etc. to our office or to the Luxum
mobile consultant.

If you are interested in sanitary equipment, furniture, small architecture, composite products, worktops, interior design, architectural concrete – send us an e-mail or contact us using the contact form.

If you are inspired by any of the presentations on the LUXUM website, please provide in your correspondence the number of the photo from the gallery.

After accepting the application, we will contact you in order to advise on the most advantageous solutions, make a valuation of the investment, discuss the terms and conditions and accept the order. We are always available via phone.



Additional information

Please state the place of delivery and contact phone number in your correspondence, it will significantly facilitate the correspondence and precisely calculate the price of delivery.

All prices on the website are gross prices and include all taxes.

In the case of ordering parties who are also consumers, the prices that are given in the correspondence are always gross prices. In the case of entrepreneurs, the commercial offer may be issued in the net price.

All guarantees provided by LUXUM do not limit the rights of consumers due to non-compliance with the contract.

Consumers of LUXUM company have the right to return the purchased goods within 14 days, unless the products are prepared for the individual order of the consumer. Returned goods should be complete, not bear traces of use and have the original packaging.

All orders are covered by a third party insurance policy, which is guaranteed by ALLIANZ with a sum insured of PLN 1,000,000.

The liquidity of the transaction is supervised by BIG INFOMONTOR.

Privacy information

At LUXUM we respect the privacy of our customers. All contact details provided to us shall be used exclusively for the purpose of processing orders. We will not pass on your data to third parties unless it is required for the proper execution of your order. For more information see the “Privacy Policy”. Be sure to read the Regulations available below.


travel to the place indicated throughout the EU and associated countries. They have the necessary knowledge and qualifications in the field of construction, renovation and adaptation of interiors. Mobile consultants are equipped with the necessary equipment to perform a professional measurement. They also carry material samples with them. Ordering consultation with MOBILE LUXUM ADVISORS may be associated with a fee. The fee for the advisor’s visit is set and stated in full, before arrival.



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