A modern and durable solution for floors, walls, small architecture, as well as for custom-made pots and pans.

The product is designed to be used on surfaces with medium or normal movement density, as well as on walls in wet areas. Ideal for covering furniture and small architecture. HD Concrete allows a three-layer surface with a thickness of just 2.5 mm, which is excellent in terms of durability. Which, moreover, is easy to clean.

HD Concrete has an incredibly wide range of applications. It can be used where normal concrete slabs cannot be laid. For example, on curved surfaces and corners, while maintaining a very low material thickness of up to 2.5 mm.

Unique Italian architectural concrete technology

HD Concrete, improved and used by Luxum, an architectural concrete specialist, can be used as flooring, walls, fireplaces, furniture, worktops, sanitary facilities and small architecture.

The only 100% waterproof and super-strong architectural concrete in the mass, for decorative coating of even difficult surfaces. The best concrete for quick application on: wood and wood-based panels, GK panels, steel, composites, plasters, screeds, brick walls, old concrete, ceramic and stoneware tiles.

Due to the specificity of HD Concrete technology, the material can be ordered only with assembly. Surfaces are created exclusively by specialized professionals from Luxum, operating throughout the European Union, who will provide you with an effect that meets the highest standards. And also: safe and proper installation process, as well as the best aesthetics of the finish.

Advantages of concrete floors

Floors made of concrete will work well in both minimalist apartments and those dominated by arrangement splendour. They create a neutral background so that they can be combined with ideas that break the standard approach to walls or furniture. Their biggest car is endurance. Concrete floors are resistant to various types of damage. In addition, they do not abrade and are resistant to moisture. The advantage is also that they are easy to clean. No special and expensive measures are required for their care. It is also worth knowing that concrete floors conduct heat well. They can therefore be used where underfloor heating is planned.

Modern apartment with a class of concrete floors Luxum company are perfect for the arrangement of modern apartments. Such a solution does not have to be boring – the offer includes, among others, floors in titanium or graphite colour. The floor can be either matt or slightly glossy – it all depends on the customer’s needs. Although their preparation and installation takes a lot of time, it should be remembered that concrete floors are one of the most durable floor solutions. Modern appearance, resistance to impact and abrasion or smoothness make them suitable for use not only in flats, but also in public buildings or industrial buildings.

Bathcreate Luxum allows you to create avant-garde, concrete-structured wash basins.

Bathcreate Luxum architectural concrete wash basins can be ordered on demand, in any shape and shape of bowl and worktop. Apart from wash basins, it is also possible to make furniture, bathtubs and even shower trays! Bathcreate HD Surface is an architectural concrete in mass. With it you can quickly and easily create a fashionable and elegant bathroom in a modern style. The workmanship of Luxum specialists guarantees a perfect effect and elaborate workmanship in every detail. Unusual properties, richness of colours and the possibility of obtaining many interesting structures allow us to obtain exceptionally successful interior design. Send us your design or contact us with your architect. If you need a project, our designers will be happy to prepare it free of charge, especially for you.



Each colour of HD Concrete mortar is the same as its structure. This means that each colour is also a different structure of HD Concrete. There are smooth structures available, ideal for bathrooms and rough, perfect for walls and small architecture. Please choose carefully and see the HD Concrete samples live. Standard colour is grey 110, other colours are available on request.

HD Concrete is a new technology that provides an excellent alternative to concrete slabs. Its qualities include, among others, In..:

High quality

Concrete mass (concrete plaster) is second to none in terms of strength, stability, adhesion to the ground, water resistance and scratch resistance.

Surface Refreshment
It is possible to apply the layer to the layer after any time, while changing the colour and texture. Thanks to this, the interiors with this concrete will never get bored.

Wide range of applications
Concrete mass for bathrooms, wall and floor covering, furniture, small architecture, countertops, lamps, decorations, pots, sanitary equipment – can be applied on any surface, provided that the surface is stable – also wood, plasterboards, old floors and tiles, etc.

There is no need for expansion joint profiles
Even between structural substrates.

Retains heat
The mass is pleasant to the touch and, when used in furniture and sanitary ware, does not give a feeling of cold material. Best for underfloor heating surfaces.

Thicker, impermeable but flexible material, more resistant to damage and scratches than other products of this type. Suitable for heavily used areas – perfect for worktops and kitchen sinks.

Waterproof concrete
is waterproof, absolutely waterproof, ideal for wet areas – it can be easily used in the bathroom. It does not require any special care or maintenance. Used in Luxum to make sinks, bathtubs and shower trays. Ideal for lining walls and floors in bathrooms, swimming pool and SPA areas.

Application range
made with the use of technology are created by specialized professionals – manually. The application process shown here is an overview manual. The irregularities that will appear on the surface are characteristic of this process, confirming the originality and uniqueness of the product hand-made.

Operation and maintenance

HD SURFACE surfaces are waterproof, so they are ideal for bathrooms, do not require special care, routine cleaning can be done with a vacuum cleaner or electrostatic disposable cloths. Wash with ammonia diluted in water without rinsing, use mild detergents previously diluted with water, then rinse surfaces with clean water. If necessary, degreasing agents can be used, which must also be rinsed with water. The use of aggressive cleaning agents is not recommended.



Simple and safe!

At Luxum we took care of the comfort of placing enquiries and orders

Find out how, when and for how much you will receive your order.
Send by e-mail, post, present your idea, design, drawing, sketch, photo, description with approximate dimensions, colours, shapes, etc. to our office or to the Luxum
mobile consultant.

If you are interested in sanitary equipment, furniture, small architecture, composite products, worktops, interior design, architectural concrete – send us an e-mail or contact us using the contact form.

If you are inspired by any of the presentations on the LUXUM website, please provide in your correspondence the number of the photo from the gallery.

After accepting the application, we will contact you in order to advise on the most advantageous solutions, make a valuation of the investment, discuss the terms and conditions and accept the order. We are always available via phone.



Additional information

Please state the place of delivery and contact phone number in your correspondence, it will significantly facilitate the correspondence and precisely calculate the price of delivery.

All prices on the website are gross prices and include all taxes.

In the case of ordering parties who are also consumers, the prices that are given in the correspondence are always gross prices. In the case of entrepreneurs, the commercial offer may be issued in the net price.

All guarantees provided by LUXUM do not limit the rights of consumers due to non-compliance with the contract.

Consumers of LUXUM company have the right to return the purchased goods within 14 days, unless the products are prepared for the individual order of the consumer. Returned goods should be complete, not bear traces of use and have the original packaging.

All orders are covered by a third party insurance policy, which is guaranteed by ALLIANZ with a sum insured of PLN 1,000,000.

The liquidity of the transaction is supervised by BIG INFOMONTOR.

Privacy information

At LUXUM we respect the privacy of our customers. All contact details provided to us shall be used exclusively for the purpose of processing orders. We will not pass on your data to third parties unless it is required for the proper execution of your order. For more information see the “Privacy Policy”. Be sure to read the Regulations available below.


travel to the place indicated throughout the EU and associated countries. They have the necessary knowledge and qualifications in the field of construction, renovation and adaptation of interiors. Mobile consultants are equipped with the necessary equipment to perform a professional measurement. They also carry material samples with them. Ordering consultation with MOBILE LUXUM ADVISORS may be associated with a fee. The fee for the advisor’s visit is set and stated in full, before arrival.



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