Freestanding bathtubs made to measure? The only luxurious bathtubs in Poland manufactured to individual order in any size, shape and colour. You will receive a bathtub made especially for you by presenting a drawing, sketch, photo or description to Luxum® designers. Bathtubs in the floor, built-in, double or round? The designers will prepare the design of the perfect bathtub, on the principle of co-creation with you or your architect. You can also freely be inspired by the projects of the best bathtubs of the 20th and 21st centuries.

A bathtub to suit your needs

Experienced, best in their trade craftsmen, using the most modern and unique technologies in Poland will realize to your bathroom even the most avant-garde and unusual project – modern bathtubs are our passion.
Surfaces in traditional high gloss or modern matt satin are still exclusively hand-finished.
Excellent, modern bathtubs to measure are a synergy of modern technologies, human hands and the best solid surface composite materials such as GFK Luxum®, Corian®, Krion®, Staron®, Kerrock®, Hi-Macs®, Montelli®, Hanex®, Acren®, Pral®, Cristalplant®, Cristalstone® and absolutely amazing materials such as carbon fibre, Kevlar® and lightweight architectural concrete.

We know very well that perfect, modern bathtubs are ordered by extraordinary people who want an ideal home, because they value their own, individual character, the beauty of artistic applied art, and above all the highest quality. That is why a bathtub in the floor, free-standing or built-in, prepared to order, is a perfect solution, allowing to eliminate barriers in bathroom arrangement.

Bathtubs, including wash basins, shower surfaces, furniture, monolithic wall coverings without visible joints and the entire range of products in one unique unit, basically completely redefine the concept of equipment and everyday functions of the bathroom.
No wonder that demanding investors, the best architects and interior designers are so keen to use Luxum®.

Modern free-standing and built-in Luxum® bathtubs are a unique value of aesthetic, functional and individualised design and material solutions. They are a milestone in furnishing modern Polish bathrooms, introducing possibilities, luxury and style, so far available only to a few in exclusive Italian manufactures.

Are you dreaming of a real SPA? Choose a modern bathtub

Discover the best solutions for your bathroom – modern bathtubs placed in the floor, free-standing or in a custom-designed body, always perfectly shaped, changing every bath into a pleasant ritual.

Manufacturer of customized bathtubs

Luxum is the largest Polish manufacturer of bathtubs for exclusive order. Each customized bathtub can be equipped with hydromassage systems tailored to individual requirements.

Types of bathtubs available on request:

  • free-standing bathtubs,
  • bathtubs designed for built-in installation,
  • doublebathtubs,
  • Roundbathtubs,
  • squarebathtubs,
  • rectangularbathtubs,
  • Ovalbathtubs,
  • cornerbathtubs,
  • asymmetricalbathtubs,
  • Atypicalbathtubs,
  • built-in bathtubs with shelves, shelves – furniture installation of bathtubs on dimension.

A unique feature of modern Luxum® composite bathtubs is the possibility to obtain not only any size, form, structure and color of the bathtub, but also a unique ability to maintain the warmth of water, low weight, ultra-thin edges, the use of fashionable drains and individually selected quiet hydromassage systems for exclusive baths relaxing, conditioning, pearl or champagne.
The choice of floor, free-standing or built-in bathtubs – every Luxum® bathtub is fully compatible with the style of the bathroom and the rest of the Luxum® equipment. On request, any bathroom furnishings from Luxum® can be covered by an additional warranty and installation service throughout the European Union and the USA.



GFK LUXUM – the highest quality composite, used in the implementation of custom-made sanitary ware, thanks to its properties, it is extremely pleasant to the touch, does not yellow and does not turn gray even after many years of use. Available in all RAL colors.

CORIAN – DuPont material, Solid Surface composite, which can be subjected to 3D cutting and forming during the production process.

STARON – Samsung material, also called “synthetic stone”, available in many colors, this material can be regenerated even after many years of use




At Luxum, every order is unique, which is why we offer the possibility of individual valuation of interior furnishings.

Contact us by e-mail, by phone or via the contact form to receive the best offer for your investment.

Bathtubs made to order from Luxum are priced individually



Simple and safe!

At Luxum we took care of the comfort of placing enquiries and orders

Find out how, when and for how much you will receive your order.
Send by e-mail, post, present your idea, design, drawing, sketch, photo, description with approximate dimensions, colours, shapes, etc. to our office or to the Luxum
mobile consultant.

If you are interested in sanitary equipment, furniture, small architecture, composite products, worktops, interior design, architectural concrete – send us an e-mail or contact us using the contact form.

If you are inspired by any of the presentations on the LUXUM website, please provide in your correspondence the number of the photo from the gallery.

After accepting the application, we will contact you in order to advise on the most advantageous solutions, make a valuation of the investment, discuss the terms and conditions and accept the order. We are always available via phone.



Additional information

Please state the place of delivery and contact phone number in your correspondence, it will significantly facilitate the correspondence and precisely calculate the price of delivery.

All prices on the website are gross prices and include all taxes.

In the case of ordering parties who are also consumers, the prices that are given in the correspondence are always gross prices. In the case of entrepreneurs, the commercial offer may be issued in the net price.

All guarantees provided by LUXUM do not limit the rights of consumers due to non-compliance with the contract.

Consumers of LUXUM company have the right to return the purchased goods within 14 days, unless the products are prepared for the individual order of the consumer. Returned goods should be complete, not bear traces of use and have the original packaging.

All orders are covered by a third party insurance policy, which is guaranteed by ALLIANZ with a sum insured of PLN 1,000,000.

The liquidity of the transaction is supervised by BIG INFOMONTOR.

Privacy information

At LUXUM we respect the privacy of our customers. All contact details provided to us shall be used exclusively for the purpose of processing orders. We will not pass on your data to third parties unless it is required for the proper execution of your order. For more information see the “Privacy Policy”. Be sure to read the Regulations available below.


travel to the place indicated throughout the EU and associated countries. They have the necessary knowledge and qualifications in the field of construction, renovation and adaptation of interiors. Mobile consultants are equipped with the necessary equipment to perform a professional measurement. They also carry material samples with them. Ordering consultation with MOBILE LUXUM ADVISORS may be associated with a fee. The fee for the advisor’s visit is set and stated in full, before arrival.

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