Shower tray or bathtub? – Bathroom trends 2019

Shower tray or bathtub? – Bathroom trends 2019


The biggest change takes place in the field of shower cubicle design. Even more fashionable tiled shower enclosures without a shower tray will still disappear. Fortunately, this solution is now a thing of the past. The tiles are not 100% waterproof, they have joints and micropores in which dirt and fungus spores accumulate. The problem is also connecting tiles with the drain, especially the linear one. In addition, joints and joints between the drain and the tiles are often unsealed, causing troublesome repairs. A slight clogging of the drain with e.g. hair, makes it necessary to stop the bath and immediately clean the culvert – otherwise the bathroom will be flooded.

That is why it is absolutely right to take a new direction in bathroom trends – minimalist shower trays. These are not the kind of shower trays that used to be, nowadays they have to be low, and if the technical possibilities allow, it should be a floor-mounted shower tray. The shower tray’s wounds are fitted with grooves that allow the installation of cabin glass without the need for disfiguring profiles.

In larger bathrooms, double-zone shower trays with a division into wet and dry zones can be used, without the need for cabin doors. This is a very convenient, elegant and hygienic solution. Thanks to the use of modern Solid Surface composites, shower trays can be combined without joints with wall linings. Additionally, composite can be used to form or cover niches for cosmetics and bathing accessories.

Thanks to such solutions, the arrangement of the shower cubicle looks light and modern. What is important, shower trays and cabins made with Solid Surface or GFK Luxum composites are absolutely hygienic, and this, in addition to comfort and appearance, is an extremely important aspect. Maintaining cleanliness in composite cabins will please people who want to take care of the highest level of cleanliness and ease of cleaning. Shower enclosures and composite shower trays are a very positive trend in bathrooms.

Composite shower trays are prepared in Luxum to measure, in any shape and colour.


 Currently, rectangular built-in and oval free-standing bathtubs lead the way. Acrylic or dolomite bathtubs made of cast marble. These are materials used for decades. Unfortunately, acrylic bathtubs quickly scratch and gray, do not look exclusive in the bathroom decorated with a considerable amount of work and cash. Dolomite bathtubs are very heavy, and the natural property of poured marble is a cool character. The water in the dolomite bath quickly becomes cooler because the material absorbs heat.

That is why trends in bathrooms rightly go in the direction of wide use of Solid Surface composites. Bathtubs made of Solid Surface such as Corian, Staron, Krion or lightweight composite GFK Luxum, are much lighter than dolomite, they are not “plastic” like those made of acrylic. They are exceptionally aesthetic and warm to the touch, solid, durable and available in any shape and colour, both in high gloss and matt satin structure.

Trends and opportunities

Thanks to the possibility of manufacturing bathtubs to measure, they are adapted to the essential needs of users and the space in the bathroom. What’s more, the upcoming trends show a clear advantage of bathtubs with sharp, strong lines and cubist forms. Elegant, free-standing oval bathtubs will continue to be seen in the design. However, when it comes to oval bathtubs, they will definitely be large shapes with a minimum length of 180 cm. A majestic, large bathtub will provide us with appropriate comfort and will look luxurious.

Certainly oval, free-standing bathtubs do not look good in small bathrooms. Round tubs of the tub type are becoming fashionable. Bath tubs made of white Solid Surface composite with a matt structure look avant-garde. Freestanding round tubs will be fashionable both in the form of a cylinder and inscribed in a square. The bathtubs embedded in the floor look impressive. Such an unusual and bold solution as letting the bathtub into the floor will give the bathroom an exclusive aftertaste.

The trend of free-standing bathtubs integrated with shelves or bathroom cabinets is becoming more and more popular. It is a solution for minimum medium-size bathrooms, but L-shaped buildings will also be used in smaller bathrooms.

A separate category are built-in bathtubs. Not in such a traditional way, but in a built-in bath without joints, made of the same material as the bath tub, ideally suited to the recess or space for the bath tub. This is a great solution, both visually and easily kept clean. Such bathtubs are made to measure and are usually assembled by the executive team.

Trends in the casing of bathtubs in exotic wood, e.g. teak, will be maintained. Waterproof wood fits perfectly into clean and hygienic composite surfaces.

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