COR-TECH, Cortene steel – what is it?

COR-TECH, Cortene steel – what is it?

What is Corten Steel?

OR-TECH is a complete novelty in the world of contemporary design. It was created for Polish investors, interior designers and architects. Specially prepared steel is covered with rusty 0.1 mm thick patina, which is resistant to harmful weather conditions and corrosion. COR-TECH panels are currently perceived as one of the most avant-garde solutions in interior and facade design. The process of “rusting”, depending on the conditions, takes place from 2 to 8 weeks.

Corten elements mature perfectly in humid conditions. They are manufactured without harmful substances that can cause corrosion and damage the sheet metal. The diversity in shades of material is its natural aesthetic feature – in drier environments, rust patina becomes lighter. Korten steel is one of the materials with the longest mechanical durability, which is why it is so readily used by designers, both on elevations and in interiors.

Design and Cortene steel Cor-tech

Design architecture and construction are willing to use modern solutions. When decorating an industrial interior, we must not forget about the use of steel elements. In a modern interior Corten will prove to be a bold element of the arrangement, even as a contrast to the subdued design.

Corten sheet steel is a type of steel which is rust patinated and on which a protective coating resembling rust appears automatically. The “rusted” steel matures naturally in optimum humidity, without the use of harmful chemicals or salt solutions. After the patination stage, the maturation processes stop, creating a unique decorative layer. What’s more, after the patination process is finished, the surface is no longer dirty and we can use “rusty” Cortene steel panels in interiors and facades.

COR-TECH panels – where to use them?

aranzacja-cortenWith decorative panels made of Corten steel, you can design and furnish interiors with a unique design. It is a great solution for furnishing public buildings, as well as for interiors of flats and private houses of investors.

Corten steel has the highest resistance to harmful weather conditions, so it is perfect for arrangements of small architectural objects. Such design perfectly harmonizes with the greenery, so very often such solutions are used in landscape architecture.

Home interior will gain thanks to the original solution. Corten COR-TECH can be laid on the main wall in the living room or bedroom. An impressive surface may be the greatest asset of the interior. Corten panels will also work well as a unique fireplace cladding, providing a perfect alternative to other “typical” finishes.

Installation of Cor-tech panels

The installation of Korten steel panels depends on the conditions in the place of use and the nature of the panels to be installed. Corten steel panels can be installed using glue, Velcro or adhesive tape. The reverse side of the panel is supplemented with polyurethane board used for external arrangements, in interiors OSB is used. Thanks to this, the steel does not deform.

Corten steel panels are available in standard sizes: 30×60; 60×60; 80×80; 90×45; 90×55; 100×50; 120×60; 150×60. It is also possible to order an openwork or specially engraved design with an individual inscription or company logo.

Cortene steel and architectural concrete


Corten steel is perfectly combined with real architectural concrete slabs. What’s more, the unique combination of these two materials will make it easier to create your own unique space arrangement.

Undoubtedly, it can be said that Corten is an unusual material, combining austerity and elegance. The effect that we obtain by using panels made of Corten steel is 100% universal.

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