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3D MDF panels:

  • moisture-resistant
  • slight
  • durable
  • less expensive than decorative plasterboards and panels made of gypsum or resin
  • 3D panels can be connected to each other without visible joints
  • simple installation on traditional walls and ceilings, but also on lightweight walls made of plasterboard or OSB boards using assembly glue, pegs, anchors
  • excellent acoustic properties
  • excellent thermal insulation properties

What are the advantages of 3D MDF wall boards?

Recently, architects have very often used 3D MDF wall panels for interior design of various types. Surely they work well in most rooms – living rooms, bedroom or hallway. It is a very universal way of finishing the interior, because it gives the character of the whole arrangement. Decorative wall panels 3D MDF can be used without any obstacles not only in the apartment, but also in public utility rooms.

Universal MDF wall panels

They are produced from organic compounds and wood fibres. They are characterized above all by a uniform surface, which allows for trouble-free processing. They can be varnished, veneered or covered with foil. Certainly this type of panels are very universal. Their most attractive form is 3D panels, which are characterized by a chic and luxurious look.

Is it worth investing in decorative panels from Luxum?

They can be used in any space of the apartment. 3D decorative panels provide a perfect background for a fireplace or bed in the bedroom. It is possible to mount them both vertically and horizontally, on a fragment or the whole wall, which gives a chance to create unique compositions. 3D decorative panels are also used in furniture industry. Used as a part or front of the equipment will determine its unique and original character. An important aspect is therefore to highlight their values. We should pay attention to proper lighting, because the light points that are installed in the ceiling or floor enhance the three-dimensional effect of the arrangement.

Decorative wall panels 3D MDF by Luxum are also a good idea, because of the optical enlargement or reduction of the room. In the case of a spacious interior, you can opt for large, geometric panel designs. Such solutions are best presented in warm colours, because it is then that the room will be more cosy. In small rooms, it is better to opt for more delicate motifs in bright colours. Therefore, when designing a room, it is important to follow the rules: dark colours optically reduce the space while light colours increase it.




3D MDF from Luxum properties:

– decorative 3D MDF linings are made of thick MDF board, laminated on one side, deeply milled in the 3D technology

– panels are 16 mm thick and covered with white primer 3 times as standard

– what is very important, 3D MDF panels are of natural origin and do not change the microclimate of rooms, allowing for free breathing of walls

– As the only 3D wall panels on the market, they can be freely cut at the installation site using standard woodworking tools. Any holes can also be drilled.

– The weight of 3D MDF panels is currently the lowest on the market* – it is only 8kg/m².

* compared to other wall claddings of a wood-based nature.

Dimensions OF 3D MDF panels

Standard size of decorative panel 3D MDF 500 x 1000 mm thickness of panels 16 mm are also available wall panels with a maximum size of 2700 x 1250 mm.

On request, we deliver decorative panels cut to the required size – which facilitates and speeds up assembly works.

Colours of 3D MDF panels

The final result is obtained by painting with a regular brush or by spraying. To paint 3D wall panels we can use, without prior priming of acrylic, vinyl, latex paints, so that we can obtain fantastic surfaces in any colour. 3D MDF panels can also be painted with ordinary wall and emulsion paints. Decors made of 3D MDF can be successfully used in bathrooms and other humid and demanding rooms. Innovative, ready-made 3D MDF wall panels can be: laminated, varnished with matt or high-gloss varnish, veneer with natural wood or modified veneer. The most demanding customers and architects can design any design, inscription, image, logo.

In Luxum we supply 3D MDF panels covered with white primer. We do not paint, varnish or laminate.

3D wall panels will be delivered directly to the customer. Decorative 3D MDF is perfect for emphasizing exclusive interior design in private houses, apartments and public buildings. On request, Luxum will not only supply selected decorative panel designs, but will also deal with their professional installation and painting.

Architects also pay attention to the wider possibilities of using 3D MDF boards as furniture fronts and architectural accessories. 3D openwork panels with holes can be used as traditional wall panels, furniture fronts or for building radiators.

Wide range of application properties for MDF wall linings:

The acoustics of wooden and wood-based panels has been known for centuries. It is not without reason that this material is used to make musical instruments, as well as  halls or other rooms where the passage of sound is essential. Thanks to its acoustic properties, Luxum 3D MDF panels from Luxum will become not only a perfect decoration of the interior, but also its practical equipment.



MDF 3D panels – contact us by email or by phone!

1. Choose the amount and number of pattern.

2. If you choose custom panels, specify the sizes and direction of the patterns

3. If you order panels with your own pattern – please upload a project or drawing

4. If the panels are to be used in a public utility building, inform the advisor about this

Simple and safe!

At Luxum we took care of the comfort of placing enquiries and orders

Find out how, when and for how much you will receive your order.
Send by e-mail, post, present your idea, design, drawing, sketch, photo, description with approximate dimensions, colours, shapes, etc. to our office or to the Luxum
mobile consultant.

If you are interested in sanitary equipment, furniture, small architecture, composite products, worktops, interior design, architectural concrete – send us an e-mail or contact us using the contact form.

If you are inspired by any of the presentations on the LUXUM website, please provide in your correspondence the number of the photo from the gallery.

After accepting the application, we will contact you in order to advise on the most advantageous solutions, make a valuation of the investment, discuss the terms and conditions and accept the order. We are always available via phone.



Additional information

Please state the place of delivery and contact phone number in your correspondence, it will significantly facilitate the correspondence and precisely calculate the price of delivery.

All prices on the website are gross prices and include all taxes.

In the case of ordering parties who are also consumers, the prices that are given in the correspondence are always gross prices. In the case of entrepreneurs, the commercial offer may be issued in the net price.

All guarantees provided by LUXUM do not limit the rights of consumers due to non-compliance with the contract.

Consumers of LUXUM company have the right to return the purchased goods within 14 days, unless the products are prepared for the individual order of the consumer. Returned goods should be complete, not bear traces of use and have the original packaging.

All orders are covered by a third party insurance policy, which is guaranteed by ALLIANZ with a sum insured of PLN 1,000,000.

The liquidity of the transaction is supervised by BIG INFOMONTOR.

Privacy information

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travel to the place indicated throughout the EU and associated countries. They have the necessary knowledge and qualifications in the field of construction, renovation and adaptation of interiors. Mobile consultants are equipped with the necessary equipment to perform a professional measurement. They also carry material samples with them. Ordering consultation with MOBILE LUXUM ADVISORS may be associated with a fee. The fee for the advisor’s visit is set and stated in full, before arrival.


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