The new exhibition lounge, opened in 2018, is connected to the Project Office.

Dedicated to modern interior and bathroom equipment. It is a symbol of the evolution of the Luxum brand, offering unique, personalized interior design.

Modern bathrooms, perfect architectural concrete, alternative wall and floor coverings, exceptional lighting, unusual architectural forms and avant-garde furniture and many other amazing things.

The lounge is located at the junction of Dekerta and Klimecki streets. It is one of the city’s main arteries, situated in the industrial part of Krakow. The district Zablocie was chosen not incidentally. Moreover, it is one of Krakow’s fastest growing industrial districts. Located on the Vistula River, close to the city center. Inspire and delight architects, designers and connoisseurs of unbanal places.

The old industrial hall has been thoroughly revitalized and rebuilt, with respect to the elements of the original nature of the object.

Three large, complete glazed sites and oraz giant domed skylights at the back of the showroom. They’re perfect for illuminating room, providing the best conditions for watching arrangations.

Showroom is designed in the form of a modern city promenade, with variations on the urban jungle.

Each zone is an esenrated slice of different product categories, to illustrate the capabilities that the customer and his architect can take advantage of at Luxum. The professional outputs of individual projects offer endless possibilities.

We dedicate a virtual walk to those who can’t visit the Creative Luxum Interior Gallery in person.

While walking, you can see the interiors in unique individual copies and those from permanent collections.

Many items are interactive and when clicked, it takes you directly to the corresponding tab on the website. In addition, during gallery business hours, consultants gladly to answer any questions.
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