Design inspired by Milan – 2019 trends

Design inspired by Milan – 2019 trends

Wash basins, bathtubs and cabinets for bathrooms – Bathroom designs Milan 2019

Key trends in 2019 are known in the planning and furnishing of modern bathrooms. Italian design has been setting trends in interior design for years. That is why at Luxum, inspired by novelties from Milan – the Italian heart of design, we pay special attention to the details and craftsmanship of the finish.

The most fashionable solutions for designing wash basins and bathtubs:

– geometric wash basins with linear drain

– luxury freestanding wash basins

– freestanding bathtubs

– doublebathtubs

– wash basins integrated in the cabinet

umywalka-podwojna-z-blatemBathroom is one of the most demanding design spaces in the interior design industry. That is why it is worth paying attention to the type and quality of finish – Luxum offers the most fashionable and individual solutions for designing wash basins, bathtubs and bathroom furniture.

The monolithic wash basins and bathtubs with the smooth structure of a modern satin matt finish, worked out in every detail, adapt directly to the design conditions of the bathroom.

New developments in bathroom furnishings – in 2019, we put a lot of emphasis on:

– colours

– material

– texture

– form

– details

In the bathroom furnishing industry, the dominant trend is also the new colour scheme.

Fashionable shades in the bathroom are among other things:

– powder pink

– pomegranate

– emerald green

– greys

– monochrome black and white combinations

Collections straight from Milan
– trends 2019

Washbasins 2019 – trends in interior design

The real no. 1 in interior design are free-standing washbasins in the form of individual blocks. The monolithic washbasins with a smooth structure, which have been developed in every detail and which are made to order, adapt directly to the bathroom arrangement. That’s why simple solids, which are designed with classic design inspiration, are a perfect combination to the measure of world-class, modern design.

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Bathroom cabinets with washbasin

Another trend in 2019 is the expressive cabinets in dark colours, covered with natural veneers resembling brushed wood in shades of dark brown. Cabinets made to measure are usually integrated with the wash basin – e.g. in the version with a modern slot drain. You can order a cabinet in any type of finish. Just select the number of drawers, height, width and depth of the furniture.

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Bathtubs to order – trends in 2019

zaokraglona-wannaIt is also worth paying attention to the comfort in the bathroom – after all, it is a place where we start and end every day. In a room that is well furnished, according to our needs, we relax best. That is why Luxum offers custom-made bathtubs made of Solid Surface materials. You can order a bathtub in any shape, size and colour – also in a version prepared for two users.

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