Interior design to size

Interior design to size

Luxum – 20 years of activity; Polish manufacturer of custom-made interior equipment

  • architectural concrete
  • washbasins
  • bathtubs
  • shower trays
  • concrete washbasins
  • mirror tiles
  • bathroom furniture

From a small manufactory to a market leader in customised interior furnishings

In the interior design it is worth betting on the quality of workmanship and modern materials. Thanks to this, furniture and accessories retain their durability and comfort of use for decades. Over the years of experience and continuous improvement of production processes, we have developed truly safe materials. They are made of: wash basins, bathtubs, shower trays, bathroom furniture and elements of small architecture.

When choosing equipment, we are guided not only by modern design, but also emphasize the unique design and individual finish. Over the past 20 years, there have been significant changes in Polish architecture. Personalised, well-designed furniture guarantees timeless arrangements.

The years 2000 were the beginning of exclusive finishing in Polish homes. It was then, in Polish homes began to appear exceptional elements made of decorative MDF boards, which are still willingly arranged by architects in private and public investments. In interiors we started to use raw-style finishing with a predominance of white and exposed accessories: wood, steel and glass. Contrasting combinations, which gave a new dimension to our arrangements, also started to play a significant role.


Each of the following decades brought about changes in the interiors. Already in 2010, the modern bathrooms were dominated by a combination of simple forms in shades of black and white and still fashionable greys. What is more, modern materials allowed us to precisely match the needs of the interior design market. In cooperation with architects and investors, over the years of our activity we have created and implemented thousands of projects – from beginning to end of the project, based on individual needs. In the era of modern solutions and constantly progressing technology, we can use countless outlines, projects and proposals, which are shared by design enthusiasts and its users. Thanks to this, we were able to adapt new patterns flowing directly from western trends also in our domestic projects.

Interior design to size from Luxum:

  • More than 30,000 completed investments
  • Cooperation with over 400 architectural offices in Poland
  • Opened in 2018, the largest Showroom with customised furnishings in Poland
  • We delivered more than 100,000 m² of architectural concrete

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Today, thanks to advanced production technologies and unlimited access to inspiration, we design and manufacture almost every element of interior design, while focusing on aesthetics and functionality of modern solutions.

Architectural concrete from Luxum – no. 1 in Europe

Architectural concrete in interiors has become well established relatively recently. Industrial finish, perfectly meets the needs of modern users, who prefer to choose raw spaces with a distinctive character. Architectural concrete appeared in Luxum’s offer already in 2012 and the current projects are over 100 thousand. m² (which equals the area of 20 football pitches!) in interiors and facades of private houses, galleries, office buildings and other public buildings.

Implementation of new ideas – what trends and trends will appear in the coming years?

Check out the latest TRENDY 2019

We would like to thank all our Clients and Architects for their cooperation so far and encourage them to implement further joint projects!

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