Freestanding and built-in bathtubs; Solid Surface

Freestanding and built-in bathtubs; Solid Surface

My name is Rafał Łukawski. I am a co-creator of the Luxum® brand.
The idea for the company mature for years. At the base was a practice that turned into a passion for creating and loving beautiful things, the need to search for good design, expressed in original forms and reluctance to mass production. Luxum® has the ambition to offer avant-garde, designer bathroom and interior furnishings. The company also does not avoid unique but classic designs. Personally, from the very beginning I deal with and take care of the bathtub production department and the technology of the leading, best materials used in their production.

Bathtubs are an inseparable element of a well-equipped, luxurious bathroom. That is why Luxum® creates modern, unique, timeless bathtubs with harmonious proportions or unusual forms, sharp, minimalist, cubist and determined lines, expressing abstract thinking about the beauty of applied art. However, there are always bathtubs that people remember and use with pleasure.

These are the only modern free-standing and built-in bathtubs in Poland.

designed and created on the universal principle of co-creation. In Luxum® , bathtubs are usually built in individual, unique pieces, on individual order. The Luxum® designers co-create the bathtubs directly with the client or the architect of his choice. This ensures that the form is perfectly in line with the actual needs of the users.

Despite the fact that the manufactory has evolved over almost 20 years of development, it has not lost the spirit of artistic craftsmanship. The most modern digitally controlled 3D machining centres perfectly support the best professionals in the country, who form and finish each of the bathtubs manually. To the youngest generations of enthusiasts of modern crafts, I pass on the acquired knowledge, but I still try to personally supervise all stages of the creation of each bathtub. Then I am sure that the bathtub ending up in your bathroom is an exact reflection of the needs, expectations and fulfillment of dreams of an ideal bathroom.

Unique design

When looking for bath shapes and forms, the Luxum® design designers recommend solutions that emphasise the status and complement the bathroom in a coherent way. What is more, they will also show the refinement of the Solid Surface material.

We discover what is most beautiful about Solid Surface composite materials, which are used to create modern free-standing, built-in or floor-mounted bathtubs. As well as those that are part of a luxurious bathroom and bath room with a home SPA. From impeccable purity of white to a wide selection of homogeneous pastel colours in almost a full range, to various fantasy patterns of natural stone and abstractions. Unique possibility of finishing in a traditional gloss or in a modern matt finish (satin matt).

The great advantage of modern composite materials Solid Surface is their unique ability to produce a luxurious bath, sanitary equipment and many finishing elements in the bathroom, with 100% hygienic, perfectly smooth and extremely durable surface.

Bathtubs Solid Surface


are unique and desirable because of their properties to maintain the heat of the water. And also the possibility of repeated, properly lifelong regeneration and nobility of touch. Thanks to this extraordinary property, you do not have to worry about the durability of the bathtub. It is preserved forever. Composite bathtubs made of Solid Surface: Corian, Staron, Krion, Kerrock, Cristalplant, Cristalstone, GFK Luxum are perfect for modern as well as typically classic private bathrooms and luxurious hotel and office bathrooms. Not only my personal guarantee, but also my long-term guarantee convince me that Solid Surface bathtubs are the best choice. No other material is so good for the production of sanitary equipment. Acrylic, steel, cast iron, stone or conglomerate bathtubs give way to aesthetics and utility properties and the possibilities of creation of Solid Surface bathtubs.

Luxum® consultants and designers are open to all kinds of suggestions. They make every effort to ensure that the bathtubs that leave the manufactory meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers and architects.

Standalone bathtubs, built-in bathtubs, floor-mounted bathtubs or untypical bathtubs, thanks to Solid Surface composites, achieve any desired shape.

Bathtubs are made even in one, completely unique copy. That is why anyone who is a man who values global trends, universal fashion, above average, true luxury, unlimited comfort and exemplary elegance will receive the bath and other bathroom equipment he or she expects from Luxum®.

Simply contact Luxum® consultants.

I invite you to the company lounge – Gallery of Creative Interiors and use the inquiry form or the telephone hotline 12 307-00-70

When ordering a bathtub, check the possibility of completing or supplementing the bathroom with sinks with worktops, countertops, cabinets for sinks and wall linings without joints.

Useful information:

Division of bathtubs according to form:

– rectangular bathtubs

– square bathtubs

– round bathtubs

– asymmetric bathtubs

– elliptical bathtubs

– oval baths

– atypical bathtubs

Division of bathtubs by material:

– acrylic baths

popular, cheap bathtubs, warm to the touch, of various shapes, can be equipped with hydromassage systems, very light, unfortunately not durable, susceptible to greying, scratches and cracks. They are available as stand-alone and built-in bathtubs, also in large sizes and as double bathtubs. Specialists do not recommend letting them into the floor.

– steel and cast iron bathtubs

available in different price ranges, extremely resistant to scratches and dirt, very durable, easy to clean, have limited shapes, are cold and not very pleasant to the touch. Steel bathtubs are rather not available as stand-alone bathtubs, but as built-in bathtubs or floor-mounted bathtubs. Cast iron bathtubs are very resistant to damage and possible discolouration or stains, but they are also very heavy and are currently difficult to reach.

– stone bathtubs

made of low absorbency stones such as marble or granite, less frequently made of other stones. They have limited shapes, are very cold and heavy. Often difficult to keep clean. Sensitive to assembly and operating errors.

– conglomerate bathtubs

bathtubs with a high degree of hygiene, elegant, easy to clean. They can take different forms, but are limited by wall thickness and heavy weight. They rarely occur as large bathtubs or double bathtubs or multi-person bathtubs. Few conglomerate bathtubs are available in whirlpooled and matt structured versions. However, they can be in a different colour than standard white. Their disadvantage is susceptibility to cracks and cavities caused by the impact of a hard object (e.g. a bottle of perfume falling from a worktop or a shelf). They take away the heat from the water, causing the need for a topping up of hot water. They may appear as matt, but only in the best manufacturers who have mastered the technology of obtaining aesthetic matt surfaces.

– plastic and acrylic bathtubs

cheap economic bathtubs. Their advantage is that they are cheap and very light, lighter than acrylic. They are suitable for campsites, caravans, etc. This is where the advantages come to an end. They have controversial opinions about durability. In fact, they are difficult to repair, even temporarily. They come in a glossy structure.

– glass bathtubs

modern, luxurious glass bathtubs manufactured by a small number of factories or large factories, but in limited series. Glass bathtubs are a unique aesthetics and depth of color and the possibility of obtaining interesting shapes. Glass bathtubs are limited in size and are cool to the touch, poorly maintaining the warmth of the water. They have excellent aesthetic qualities, but are very difficult to keep clean and not necessarily resistant to scratches and minor bruises. They are most often used as stand-alone bathtubs.

– wooden bathtubs

mostly luxury bathtubs. They can have different shapes, but most often they are free-standing, oval bathtubs. Made by good manufacturers they are elegant and durable. Their weight is acceptable. They require a lot of attention when it comes to care, cleaning and maintenance. Damage or scratching the surface of the bathtub, which is not 100% waterproof wood, can cause serious damage or even damage to the bathtub. The grain and colours determine the rest of the bathroom arrangement. Wooden bathtubs are warm and pleasant to the touch. According to specialists from the modern bathroom furnishing industry, besides Solid Surface bathtubs, wood bathtubs are the most luxurious and noteworthy ones, except where the bathtub is used every day or there is hard water. There are manufacturers of wooden bathtubs that offer customised bathtubs. Wooden bathtubs are available in both high-gloss and modern versions. Matt wooden bathtubs are considered perishable due to the specificity of matt varnishes and protective resins.

– bathtubs made of architectural concrete

Concrete bathtubs are avant-garde and new among the luxury bathtubs. These bathtubs have a large group of supporters who prefer strict industrial style and minimalism. Concrete bathtubs in the technology of traditional polished concrete, apart from interesting aesthetics, characteristic for architectural concrete, have a very high weight and limited form. They are available as stand-alone bathtubs or floor bathtubs. As an alternative to the typical traditional concrete bathtubs, lightweight architectural concrete bathtubs Luxum® are an alternative. Luxum® concrete bathtubs are lightweight, aesthetic and durable. In any shape, size and many available shades and colours of concrete. Even bathtubs with a thin edge!

Luxum® bathtubs made from lightweight architectural concrete are manufactured individually to order. Light concrete bathtubs are the patented Luxum® production method for this type of bathtub. The fibreglass core (more durable than acrylic but just as light) is covered with decorative microcement imported from Italy. The thin layer of architectural concrete is waterproof and has all the unique aesthetic features of decorative concrete. Luxum® concrete bathtubs are available as standard in a natural colour, typical for concrete, in a matt version. Many colours and glossy surfaces are available on request. It is possible to install a whirlpool according to individual requirements.

– Solid Surface bathtubs

which is composite bathtubs. It is definitely the best choice for any type of bathroom. The variety of structures, patterns and colours is stunning. Solid Surface bathtubs are warm to the touch, retain the heat of the water, effectively prolonging a relaxing bath. Solid Surface bathtubs are created exclusively in companies offering bathroom furnishings and sanitary equipment of the highest class. Made of Solid Surface composites: Krion, Corian, Cristalstone, Cristalplant, Montelli, Kerrock, Hi-Macs, Pral, GFK Luxum, bathtubs are created with exceptional exploitation and aesthetic values, with a guarantee of durability for decades. Only bathtubs with Solid Surface can be completely regenerated. Interestingly, with large bathtubs, double and multi-person bathtubs that do not fit into door and window openings, Luxum® technology allows you to deliver the bathtub in place of installation in several elements and combine them into a monolith without visible connections. Only Solid Surface composites provide such possibilities.

It is worth noting that these bathtubs have a lower weight than conglomerate bathtubs (dolomite) or natural stone bathtubs. This is very important for transport, installation and operation, taking into account the pressure on the ground.

From Solid Surface composites, Luxum® specialists obtain free-standing and built-in bathtubs in any size and shape.


An additional advantage is the possibility to obtain bathtubs with a thin edge and slot drains. Luxum® can also be ordered as a bathtub-style wash basin, worktops, shower trays and even cabinets, furniture and monolithic wall coverings without joints (without visible joints). Solid Surface bathtubs can be successfully designed and installed as floor recessed bathtubs. On request, modern Solid Surface Luxum® bathtubs are equipped with hydromassage systems for various purposes and configurations, completely tailored to the individual needs of the investor.

Additionally, modern free-standing and built-in bathtubs made of Corian, Krion or GFK Luxum can be equipped with lighting, including lighting with relaxing and relaxing functions (colour therapy). In the manufactory, bathtubs made of Solid Surface of any kind and purpose are created. Including bathtubs designed completely individually or inspired by other projects, including the most famous creations of bathtubs of the XX and XXI century.

– carbon fibre bathtubs (Carbon)

manufactured by only a few companies in the world, including Luxum®. Bathtubs with exceptional aesthetics, high durability and lightness. Carbon bathtubs (carbon fiber) are often built as atypical hanging bathtubs, or bathtubs for enthusiasts of professional motoring and luxury yachts. Carbon – carbon fibre is a HI-TECH material. The Luxum® plant also has the world’s leading carbon fibre processing technology, including the ability to process carbon fibre in prepregs through the use of autoclaves and pressure pumps as well as special presses and heating chambers.

It is in the Polish Luxum® manufacture that carbon fibre bathtubs are manufactured for various purposes, including leading Italian brands. At Luxum you can order carbon fibre bathtubs and other sanitary equipment from this composite in a single copy, designed individually. Carbon bathtubs are most often designed in hanging and free-standing versions. High-gloss or matt finish. On request, Carbon bathtubs can be equipped with hydromassage and relaxing lighting systems configured individually.

Division of bathtubs by type of construction

freestanding bathtubs

– built-in bath tubs

– recessed bathtubs in the floor

– furniture built-in bathtubs (bathtubs with shelves or bathtubs with cabinets or bathtubs with drawers)

– monolithic bathtub fittings, constituting a central sanitary unit as a combination of bathtubs, washbasins, bathroom cabinets and showers in a single unit. Often in combination with a built-in or hanging mirror. Also in the version with a flower pot, aquarium, bar or library, wine cooler, built-in tablet or TV.

– A bath tub in glass or Solid Surface combined with other materials, including glass, carbon fibre or architectural concrete.

Division of bathtubs according to their intended use (available in Luxum).

– bathtubs for domestic use

– bathtubs to hotels

– SPA bathtubs for home and professional use

– bath tubs

– medicinal bathtubs

– bathtubs for persons with reduced mobility

– tubs

– flotation baths, flotation baths with lids

– special-purpose bathtubs

– single bathtubs

– double bathtubs

– multi-person bathtubs

All bathtubs built in Luxum® are safe, made exclusively of certified materials and intended for drinking water.

Luxum® offers unlimited possibilities in the bathroom.

Transport and installation in the EU and the USA are available on request.

For companies, it is possible to produce modern free-standing bathtubs and bathtubs of all types under their own brand names. Both in single copies or limited series, as well as due to the manual character of the finishes and the specificity of the materials in limited series.

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