Architecture concrete – manufacturer

Architecture concrete – manufacturer


Luxum® is a leading manufacturer of architectural concrete decorative panels. The company implemented concrete slabs in its product range in 2012. Based on many years of experience in the field of development and research on modern building materials.

From the very beginning, the company has specialized in the production and development of architectural concrete without harmful artificial fibres and other undesirable additives. Decorative architectural concrete Creative-Concrete™ from Luxum is used in the field of modern architecture. Especially in the design and execution of wall claddings inside buildings and exteriors.

Modern solutions

Modern production equipment, including fully automatically controlled concrete maturing room with controlled atmosphere, unique technology, original recipe and constant experience, research, passion and the ability to listen to the needs of investors and their architects, allow the company to constantly take up new challenges and constantly move forward.

In the field of access to healthy building materials and the development of natural architectural concrete without artificial fibres and LZO, Creative-Concrete™ decorative boards from Luxum® brand for walls, facades, floors, fireplaces, fences and terraces have long been a leader.

Luxum® continues to introduce products, technologies and services with innovative features. They significantly increase the implementation potential of any building project related to interior design and facades.

Developing advanced, environmentally friendly technologies for the production of architectural concrete, Luxum® works closely with laboratories, constructors, engineers and architects. And even with leading experts in various fields.

Involvement of experts – practitioners in the production of architectural concrete and technological innovations, oriented towards ecology, sublime aesthetics and durability of solutions. These features enable the company to keep pace with new global trends in architecture and design using architectural concrete. In Poland, Creative-Concrete® decorative concrete slabs create fashion for modern, minimalist and even industrial arrangements.

Thanks to the intensive development of natural architectural concrete technology, guarantee of the highest quality and orientation towards the needs of each client, as well as the professionalism of construction investment services, the company is able to implement more and more new projects. Thus, it strengthens its position also on the international market, exporting decorative concrete slabs to many European countries.

The Creative-Concrete™ architectural concrete decorative panels Luxum® have excellent feedback. They enjoy the trust of investors, architects and professional building teams, who care about their clients’ welfare.

Choose a perfectly designed, safe solution for architectural concrete from Luxum®.


Resistant to fire and frost
the highest class of fire resistance A1
frost resistance up to -40 degrees Celsius




Resistant to abrasion
have the highest abrasion class IV for concrete


Compressive and crush-resistant


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