Design your washbasins

Design your washbasins

Washbasins to size from composite materials are tailored to the needs of the investor. Complete freedom in the design of wash basins, allows precise selection of the shape of washbasin, the thickness of the worktop, type of bowl and outflow, structures and colors.

Step 1: Define the dimensions of washbasin

Regardless of whether we arrange a small bathroom in a block of flats or a large bathing room – the washbasin must be functional. The amount of space that can be used to arrange a wash basin or integrated wash basin is usually limited. In bathrooms with slants or recesses, it is often impossible to arrange washbasins of popular sizes. That is why Luxum provides washbasins made with the highest precision.

Step 2: Select the amount, shape and type of bowl and optional equipment

– wash basins with linear drains

– wash basins with traditional drains

– wash basins  with two bowls (double wash basins)

– multi-position wash basins

Standard washbasins with a traditional drain and a rounded bowl are the most popular solutions on the market. In modern interiors, architects and investors choose washbasins with a linear outlet in a rectangular bowl.

Wash basins are also available in versions with two or more bowls. Thanks to this, the use of the washbasin will become comfortable, also for a larger number of users.

Additionally, custom-made washbasins can be equipped with a built-in recess or towel. Moreover, custom-made washbasins from Luxum can also be ordered in the integrated version.

Step 3: Choose the right material

Currently, the selection of materials used in the production of wash basins on the market is huge. At Luxum we use modern and safe composite materials. Thanks to this, we ensure complete diversity and freedom in designing our wash basins. Take advantage of Solid Surface materials and choose the best solution: GFK Luxum, Cristalstone, Corian, Staron, Krion, Hi-Macs. All the materials we use to make wash basins are certified by PZH and CE .

Architectural concrete washbasins

Wash basins available on request can also be made of ultra-light concrete.

Step 4: Contact your advisor

We know how important it is to choose the right equipment for your bathroom. That is why we offer full support both at the design stage and in the field of technical consulting. Contact your chosen advisor or visit us personally to receive the best offer.


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