Architectural concrete for interiors

Architectural concrete for interiors

Architectural concrete for interiors – luxury wall linings.

Architectural concrete is a unique proposition for those who want to arrange modern interiors. Wall linings made of CREATIVE – CONCRETE™ architectural concrete by Luxum® can be successfully installed in any room. Regardless of the purpose and operating conditions. These are concrete slabs to be used also in rooms requiring SPA, swimming pool, bathrooms, orangeries, kitchens.

Most often CREATIVE – CONCRETE® concrete panels are used for walls in the living room. They are willingly used as decoration of walls for TV sets, as well as in bedrooms, corridors and offices.)

It is a decorative concrete in slabs, with a diverse structure, many sizes and a rich selection of colors. What’s more, a successful arrangement is a matter of choice.

CREATIVE – CONCRETE™ architectural concrete slabs are the leading product on the Polish market. With excellent decorative values and unparalleled possibilities of application and installation.

Luxum® has been a leader in ecological production and innovation in the production of architectural concrete for nearly a decade. The company’s products set trends in interior design, decoration and furnishing as well as facades and fences. Regardless of the assortment, these are premium products, where quality, safety, ecology and design are the most important.

Ecological architectural concrete – better quality of life.

Architectural concrete slabs by Luxum® are not only a choice of prestige, a well-known brand and quality. It is also a choice of an appropriate lifestyle, where everyone is responsible for the environment and the impact of objects on health. This significantly translates into a higher quality of life.

Decorative architectural concrete from Luxum® combines natural beauty with ecology and safety. Concrete slabs for walls, facades or fireplaces of CREATIVE – CONCRETE™, are the first products of this type without harmful artificial fibres, with almost total reduction of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), including highly pathogenic formaldehyde. Factors harmful to health and the environment have been eliminated thanks to the latest production methods, ecological thinking about the product and a unique formula. What is more, we believe that clean, Swiss white cement, clean water and repeatedly washed aggregate from the best Polish mine are ingredients that are friendly to man and the environment.

Research conducted by the National Institute of Hygiene, confirmed by an issued certificate, certifies that concrete slabs from Luxum® are safe in terms of microbiology and physicochemistry. What is more, in the case of this architectural concrete, the parameters are maintained at a high level over the lifetime of the concrete. Don’t worry about these slabs, you will make a fantastic wall decoration in your bedroom, children’s room or kitchen.

The manufacturer of architectural concrete in decorative panels CREATIVE – CONCRETE™, guarantees the highest quality. These concrete slabs do not harm health and the environment. They do not emit harmful organic compounds, do not dust, are not a nutrient for the development of harmful biological microflora, including fungi, mould, algae and protozoa.

These are wall linings that do not emit a specific, acidic smell of concrete, which is characteristic for most products of this type.

Panels – decorative concrete – classroom interiors

Architectural concrete Luxum® is a material that has been fashionable in Poland for only a decade. Concrete in Western architecture, as a final product with an interesting aesthetic surface, has been used for almost 100 years. In CREATIVE – CONCRETE universal architectural boards, with such a wide selection, it can have a raw, almost ascetic, post-industrial appearance. However, in a properly selected structure and non-standard colours, it will perfectly fit into classic and modern interior designs of various character.

It is worth remembering that concrete will ideally combine with pure white, graphite, deep black, shades of red. Architectural concrete is a great company together with wood, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, metallized surfaces and glass, mirror tiles. What’s more, it fits perfectly with natural or artificial vegetation (e.g. decorative moss, scrub, grass, etc.), or decorative plant panels link green panels

Concrete wallcoverings

Architectural concrete of Luxum® brand belongs to the elite group of exclusive wall linings in interiors and facades.  These panels are difficult to replace with imitations, forgeries, plaster panels, decorative plaster, stone or tiles. While various types of photographs or presentations of products often mistakenly called architectural concrete may look good, live differences are huge. Certainly, this is a worth considering proposal, even when modern wall linings were not planned before.

Importantly, Luxum® architectural concrete is a modern, lightweight wall lining that is easy to install on virtually any wall. Even GK or OSB.

Thanks to the excellent properties achieved by the innovative production method and the best ingredients, the concrete slabs CRETIVE – CONCRETE™ are the only product of this type that can be freely cut not only with professional but also with universal, simple tools for processing concrete or stone.  Panels can be freely cut, at various angles, freely drilled holes or milled inscriptions. These panels will not crack and their edges will not fray. They don’t have fibres, so they won’t protrude or jerk the edges. They are made from the best ingredients, so there is no dusty milk on the reverse side of the boards, making it difficult to mount them on glue. Anyone who can lay tiles can cope with the assembly. If your expert is not available, ask your Luxum® consultant for installation throughout the EU by an authorised installation company. In addition, you will receive a maximum warranty of 30 years! You can hang TV sets, cabinets or shelves on the wall lining made of this concrete. Mounting these panels to the wall does not interfere with its free breathing. On the other hand, the acoustics will certainly improve, which in combination with the appearance significantly increases the utility values of the rooms.

The manufacturer made sure that the installation was as simple and safe as possible. CREATIVE – CONCRETE™ architectural concrete boards by Luxum® have, apart from the aforementioned PZH (Polish National Institute of Hygiene) certificate, the CE safety certificate. Additionally, they can be freely used for private and public investments.

Decorative concrete panels – easy installation

Together with the world’s leading adhesives and professional building chemistry company, the market’s best specialty adhesive for architectural concrete has been developed. Luxum® hybrid concrete slab adhesive is very easy to use on virtually all known building substrates. It is designed for heavy loads and heavy duty concrete lining operations. Thanks to the special dosing cannula, it is easy to apply.

In addition, the manufacturer offers, together with the slabs, a specialist, innovative ground primer for the installation of decorative concrete. The first in Poland professional ground of the highest quality for the assembly of concrete slabs indoors and outdoors. CREATIVE hybrid ground – CONCRETE SOLID CONTACT IPX CONTACT SURFACE is a unique primer. It is the only one with such parameters and fulfils three most important functions at the same time. What is more, it combines the advantages of a significantly strengthening, deep penetrating, insulating and bonding primer.  Ideal for work with concrete slabs and sensitive stone, it can even replace waterproofing in kitchens and bathrooms. It is irreplaceable when working on unstable surfaces, elevations and demanding rooms.

Learn more about the installation of architectural concrete

To ensure easy care, so that nothing can obscure the joy of beautiful walls, facades or floors from concrete slabs, the best solution is to use a professional impregnant for modern architectural concrete CREATIVE – CONCRETE™. Efficient, easy to apply and highly effective, it has been specially developed to protect decorative concrete slabs installed indoors and outdoors. It facilitates dry and wet cleaning, strengthens the face of the slab and does not discolour the surface. The unique formula distinguishes this impregnant from other universal impregnants. This preparation has been developed and tested on various types of concrete slabs. It is worth recommending and so far has no equal. It can be applied by roller or spray. It protects already after 2 hours from application.

Wall cladding – CREATIVE-CONCRETE architectural concrete slabs, in every class, size and structure, can be mechanically assembled using anchors or screws with decorative caps.

Check out the extensive Luxum® range for CREATIVE – CONCRETE™ concrete floor, façade and wall slabs.


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