Architectural concrete – what do I choose?

Architectural concrete – what do I choose?

Architectural concrete – what is it?

It is a concrete with a decorative face, produced especially for aesthetic purposes.

The aesthetic values of architectural concrete are appreciated in the world of modern architecture, especially European and American architecture, oriented towards minimalism and simplicity.

Contrary to popular opinion, architectural concrete is not an easily accessible and universal product. More often we encounter imitations of architectural concrete and elements modified with concrete, which by painting and other treatments are to produce an acceptable effect, which can be called architectural concrete.

Due to the current fashion for architectural concrete, many offers have appeared on the market. Due to the lack of a clear definition of what architectural concrete is in Poland, we have a full range of different products defined by manufacturers and sellers of “architectural concrete” or “decorative concrete”.  Certainly, architectural concrete should contain cement and natural aggregates. Therefore, when answering the question what architectural concrete is, we will not include any coloured boards, panels or various types of coloured gypsum putty in the group of this noble product. Architectural concrete cannot contain gypsum.  They will not be real architectural concrete, nor will structural paints, nor fiber-cement panels.

Real architectural concrete and its substitutes

Real architectural concrete should consist of three basic components: the best cement, natural aggregate, clean water.  It is allowed to add non-aggressive, formaldehyde free agents to minimize shrinkage and improve strength parameters.  Natural architectural concrete is UV resistant, frost resistant, non-flammable, for indoor and outdoor use.  Decorative concrete based only on natural components has essential, unique aesthetic values and wide range of applications.

Original architectural concrete is the quintessence of craftsmanship and natural forces in building materials, without the need for any modifications. It does not contain harmful artificial fibres and chemical means to accelerate the maturation.

Architectural concrete produced in Poland often contains artificial fibers, which are intended to speed up production and improve the parameters of concrete excavation, while using low quality cement and aggregates and simplified formulas.  The best example is GRC concrete, which is derived from high strength industrial structural concretes. It is often promoted as decorative (architectural) concrete. It contains thin, fine roving threads of fiberglass. However, it is not a natural product and in the end does not meet the aesthetic expectations of demanding customers. Especially those who appreciate the natural look and lack of negative impact on the environment.

A frequent substitute for architectural concrete, apart from various types of plaster products, are non-woven-cement boards. They are mainly industrial products, where fibres with cement excavated material are pressed under high pressure. Such a composition and production method are a great idea for various kinds of inexpensive facades, also as a kind of concrete imitation.

Which architectural concrete to choose?


What is important is which architectural concrete to choose for your investment.

When choosing decorative concrete, pay attention to its origin and composition.

Out of love for beauty and respect for the environment, avoid buying architectural concrete that contains artificial fibers and chemicals.  In order for decorative concrete to have high strength parameters, it is mainly based on precious white cement. White cement is repeatedly cheaper for metallurgical grey cement. However, it allows to obtain architectural concrete with high technical parameters, very low water absorption and excellent aesthetics.

Architectural concrete Luxum is a natural product based on selected aggregate, clean drinking water and Swiss white cement.  Natural pigments, added to the mass, allow to obtain the desired, standardized colors.

The Luxum architectural concrete slabs, free from artificial fibres and harmful chemical additives, have obtained CE and PZH certificates. Manufactured under constant, multistage quality control, they are a product free of formaldehyde and harmful chemical and microbiological impurities. Luxum concrete slabs are safe and friendly for children, allergy sufferers, asthmatics and animals.

Natural decorative concrete Luxum

It does not emit an acidic and unpleasant smell, which often accompanies low-end concrete products.

If you value aesthetics, ease of installation, high quality of the product, care for the environment and safety, choose decorative concrete slabs Luxum architectural with installation guarantee and 30 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Luxum concrete slabs are the most frequently awarded product in their class. The company successfully delivers thousands of meters of architectural concrete to customers in Poland and abroad.

The manufacturer ensures the delivery of the best concrete slabs directly to the construction site, and on request will provide their professional installation by an authorized construction team.

If necessary, Luxum concrete slabs, thanks to special system adhesives for architectural concrete, can be quickly and effectively installed on walls, fireplace, floor, stairs, elevation, fence and small architecture. Installation is easy – for any professional with experience in natural stone or ceramic tile installation. Exclusive decorative concrete panels can also be installed on Luxum’s inter-directional decorative anchors. And even on anchors invisible to façade systems and screws, where the finish is a decorative cap on the head of the screw, made of brushed stainless steel. Ask your dealer or technical advisor about the best choice of installation.

The manufacturer provides free of charge projects*.

Architectural concrete structures Luxum Creative – Concrete™.

Decorative concrete in slabs has different structures. In order to standardize and simplify the choice, Luxum has prepared to select three different surface structures. Regardless of the type of architectural concrete structure, any Creative Concrete™ panel is nice to the touch.


Beautiful, most frequently chosen and desired concrete slabs with dense porosity. Luxury decorative slabs made of architectural concrete INDUSTRIAL, is a decisive, distinctive character. That is why it sets the tone and emphasizes the majesty of the place where they were applied. INDUSTRIAL concrete is a great idea for walls, fireplaces, elevations, which will be effectively enlivened.

Extremely beautiful concrete structure available in the widest range of formats and colours.

Unusual, natural decorative values are unique and appreciated by investors.


Excellence of PREMIUM class boards is known throughout Europe. Interior architects use this medium-porous structure of decorative concrete willingly. The ideal number of crayfish (pores) on the surface of the panels gives the possibility of universal use, regardless of the arrangement style of the room.  Regardless of the changes that will be introduced in the future in the room where the decorative concrete PREMIUM is used, this type of concrete will always fit and emphasize the uniqueness.  Very low water absorption makes the PREMIUM structure ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms and facades.


Classic concrete slabs with a smooth structure. From time to time, very small, characteristic bubbles appear on some copies, giving this classic structure a very subtle character. Monolithic, smooth, decorative concrete slabs Luxum are used in very raw, lofty arrangements, but also in a very different glamour or New York style. CREATIVE-CONCRETE™ from Luxum is the perfect choice for walls, floors, facades, fences and small architecture.

On the smooth Luxum concrete slabs, the use of concrete, which is unattainable on imitations, is perfectly visible and emphasizes the natural origin and high quality of the product.



Architectural concrete Luxum CREATIVE-CONCRETE™ – For love of beauty. Out of respect for the environment.

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