Double washbasins – the quintessence of modern bathrooms

Double washbasins – the quintessence of modern bathrooms

Double washbasins are an ideal solution for investors who live with their families or are planning a relationship. It turns out that double washbasins work well not only where there is one bathroom. But also in the “marriage” bathroom and in bathrooms for children who share a common bathroom.

It is often the case that in the morning before leaving, many members of the household want to use the bathroom together. The same thing happens in the evening when more people want to use the bathroom again.

Most manufacturers of double washbasins have helped to solve bathroom sharing problems.

But nowadays, solving bathroom problems is not the only reason why double washbasins are so popular. Wash basins have become one of the most important, if not the most important decorative elements in the bathroom.

Double washbasins have become very fashionable. They can be very elegant and largely reflect a perception of a house as luxuriously finished. Equipping bathrooms with double washbasins is a great idea, provided that they are not too heavy and visually tailored to the needs of users, but also to the arrangement of the bathroom.

Today, many manufacturers offer double washbasins. Most often as ceramic or conglomerate washbasins.

Double washbasins, due to their size, are often too heavy to be mounted on the wall. Additionally, due to technological limitations, they are slightly undulating and simply not normative, which makes it difficult to install them with a cabinet or worktop. In double washbasins and even small ceramic washbasins it is impossible to obtain modern linear drains. Obtaining an elegant minimalist form is practically impossible.

Double conglomerate washbasins, made of high quality conglomerate, fulfil their task. You can obtain large sizes, different colors, structure in high gloss or as a satin matt and sharp lines. What is more, for manufacturers with advanced technologies and extensive experience it is possible to obtain linear drains from conglomerate washbasins. The best example of modern conglomerate washbasins, including double washbasins (integrated top with two washbasins without visible joints, in one casting), is Cristalstone’s economical brand. The brand that provides double and other conglomerate washbasins at very favourable, low prices. And all this with a guarantee of high quality. Cristalstone is the brand that was the first in the conglomerates to obtain thin wounds in the world and a failure-free, integrated drain line, maintenance-free, with a connection to a standard syphon. To date, this art has not been successful even for the best and largest manufacturers in the world.

However, the best double washbasins are made of composite materials.


Solid surface composites such as GFK Luxum, Corian, Krion, Staron, Plantex, Hanex, Kerrock, etc. have extraordinary utility and aesthetic properties.

Luxum is a manufacturer of double washbasins on request, in single copies or in short series. Double washbasins and worktops with two Solid Surface washbasins are a solution that will last almost for life and can be replaced only when we get bored with such a washbasin.

Wash basins, double washbasins (top with two washbasins) and washbasins with Solid Surface top made of Corian, Krion, Staron or light composite GFK Luxum, are exceptionally aesthetic and durable. Made properly, in accordance with technology and art, they are completely recyclable.

It is enough after many years to order a regeneration service at Luxum and the Solid Surface washbasin is as good as new.

Double washbasins (worktops with two washbasins) Luxum made of Solid Surface are self-supporting, easy to install. Moreover, they are made with attention to every detail and 100% in accordance with the design. Solid Surface washbasins from Luxum are the essence of excellence in premium bathrooms.

Table top and double washbasins available on request, in any shape and colour. Whether monolithic according to RAL colour table or with complex structures, marble, fancy according to the Solid Surface palette of the material manufacturer.

Concrete washbasins are an interesting alternative to washbasins made of ideal materials. Including double washbasins made of architectural concrete. They conquer the hearts and tastes of many Europeans and Americans who are interested in an unusual style.

Luxum, a leading manufacturer of lightweight concrete washbasins in any size. Thanks to the cooperation with Italian suppliers of waterproof architectural, thin-bed concrete for sanitary applications, concrete washbasins of low weight are delivered. They are easily mounted on lightweight walls, even with GK. Luxum concrete washbasins are made of lightweight material, covered with a layer of real waterproof concrete.

The advanced works on refining the architectural concrete washbasins allow to deliver the washbasins not only to the famous Italian manufactures, which order production from Luxum, but also to individual Polish customers. They can be intensively exploited, also in hard water. Luxum is the only Polish manufacturer of concrete washbasins with high aesthetics, in any size and with linear outlets on request. Architects particularly recommend double concrete washbasins and concrete worktops for bathrooms, kitchens, furniture and other applications.


  • On request, Luxum can provide you with traditional and double bathroom sinks. Also in combination with wood, steel, glass, faucets, soap dispensers, rails and cabinets.

  • In accordance with Luxum’s philosophy, you can order a double wash basin and any other wash basin here. Exactly what you want, perfectly matched and tailored to your expectations.

  • Just order a free design or upload your own drawing, sketch, photo. You can also be inspired by photos from the gallery, giving the number of photos and dimensions you need.

  • On request, the mobile technical advisor can carry out measurements on site, and after delivery, the installation can be organised by authorised fitters.

  • Luxum luxury double washbasins – no. 1 in Europe in private and public bathrooms class A.

  • See RAL colours and patterns of solid surface composites MATERIALS



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