3D MDF decorative panels

3D MDF decorative panels

3D MDF wall panels – perfect decorative effect in harmony with nature

Sometimes, when we look at new apartment projects, we miss something. Whether it’s a living room, bedroom or children’s room. This impression will be most acute if we disregard the walls when designing the room, leaving them without additional finishing. A great solution in such a case will be 3D decorative panels made of deep milled MDF from Luxum. It is currently one of the hottest trends and a perfect source of inspiration for architects and interior designers. Their design and style give a unique character and charm to newly prepared places.

The world in 3D as the design of the future

3D panels are wall decorations that introduce the spirit of modernity and design straight from the XXI century in the most original version. It is a thought and technology designed to care for customers who want to give up banal wall arrangements. They are looking for solutions for their home that are not only beautiful, durable, but also avant-garde in their own way. MDF 3D panels are a guarantee of luxury and certainty. It is a perfect quality of workmanship and at the same time an unconventional design. At the moment, there is no other such innovative and comprehensive solution for interior design on the market. 3D panels surprise our eyes in a very cool way. Spending time in rooms arranged with them we will never have the impression that this place is monotonous and uninteresting.

Technology innovation as an investment for years

Luxum panels are a solution for the most demanding customers. It is a choice dictated by care for the comfort of life. This is confirmed by high quality materials and workmanship.

3D panels are made of deep milled MDF of natural origin. Therefore, they do not change the microclimate of the rooms in any way. It is a kind of wood-based material, extremely resistant to bending. What is more. Thanks to different types of elasticity and density, there is no fear that the boards will deform during milling. They are very lightweight and therefore an alternative to obsolete plaster decors, which are more expensive and heavier. The boards have acoustic and thermal insulation properties.

The standard Luxum panel has a size of 50×100 cm. Manufaktura also manufactures panels in other unusual sizes. The maximum size that can be made is 270 x 125 cm. If required, the project implemented for the investor. On them you can easily milled the inscription, logo etc. All in accordance with the wishes of the recipient and his needs.

Installation of panels is extremely easy. It consists in gluing them until we have before our eyes exactly what we planned. In addition to glue, panels are joined by screws or anchors. They are trimmed with ordinary woodworking tools. Drilling holes will not damage them in any way. They have a very high mechanical resistance.

As we can see the assembly process is not complicated even for a layman. For a better result, however, it is better to entrust this task to professionals with experience. We will be sure that everything is done perfectly.

The multitude of creations guarantees the fulfillment of expectations

3D MDF panels can be customized to suit your individual project. The finished whole is a coherent and impressive mosaic, which fills the space perfectly. This effect is not disturbed by anything, because it is characterized by harmony and order. Monolithic character on which there are no joints or joints. Apart from the choice of available patterns, it is worth remembering that you can also compose your own motif with us. Panels are available in an extremely wide range of colours, lacquered to matt or gloss effect, veneered with natural wood or modified veneer. For sentimental customers there is a surprise, which resembles a kind of openwork or regional cut-out.

The uniqueness of the final finish is achieved by painting the panels. What’s more, they can be covered with any type of paint: acrylic, latex or vinyl, spray or brush.

The wall isn’t everything.

MDF 3D panels from Luxum also have excellent acoustic properties. It is not without reason that wooden elements are used in interior design, where acoustics plays a major role.

3D Luxum panels will work perfectly well everywhere, not only as a wall arrangement. In their basic purpose, of course, they are suitable for installation on walls of any type (including light plaster and cardboard). But it is also a super solution ideal for bathrooms and spaces exposed to moisture. They can be easily adapted to the finish of ceilings, used as an element of furniture or radiators.

MDF 3D Luxum MDF wall panels are an ideal solution for decorating modern interiors. Because they are durable, lightweight and easy to install, and most importantly, much cheaper than other competitive decorative solutions available on the Polish market.
The main advantage of MDF 3D panels is that they can be freely cut with woodworking tools. They can be painted with acrylic, latex, vinyl and wall paints. It gives unlimited possibilities of interior arrangement and introduction of interesting solutions in the field of wall decoration in any colour. Luxum also offers 3D openwork panels with holes to be used as traditional wall panels, furniture fronts or to build radiators.

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