Washbasins in the hotel bathrooms

Washbasins in the hotel bathrooms

Wash basins, countertops and bathroom furnishings are most often produced in series, according to patterns that are repeated all the time. Nowadays, when furnishing both private and public interiors, we try to move away from the usual, common solutions.

So, what can be distinguished? Standard, of course!


Perfectly matched, functionally decorated interior of hotel suites is the best business card. Continuous development of the market makes us willing to choose places of high standard, which is decided by the interior design. Nowadays, we often travel not only for tourism, but also for business purposes, focusing primarily on convenience and functionality.

Hotel owners, who focus on the development of their investments, pay attention not only to the quality, but also to the uniqueness of the materials used. A well-designed interior should meet the needs of visitors. We design interiors for business travellers in a different way, and interiors for families with children in a different way. The comfort of guests visiting the hotel is a priority.

An important aspect that influences the choice of hotel bathroom furnishings is also simplicity of cleaning. Therefore, it is worth choosing uniform materials, resistant to scratches, without porous elements. A good choice will be composites or conglomerates, from which the most durable wash basins are made, also in a multi-position version, e.g. with two bowls. Custom-made washbasins can be designed in any shape, structure and colour.

Hotel sinks:

– freestanding wash basins

– washbasins placed on the counter top

– Wash basins integrated in the worktop

– counter top wash basins

– washbasins with towel rails

The hotel bathroom is a place particularly vulnerable to the effects of increased exploitation. Therefore, it is worth choosing materials that can be fully regenerated if necessary. It is for this type of large investments that wash basins and other bathroom fittings are made using the most durable Solid Surface materials, which have the necessary approvals, confirming their quality and safety. For large investments in commercial interiors, the washbasins are covered with a specially developed antibacterial coating.

Bathroom fittings on request will allow you to carefully arrange the entire bathroom. Thanks to the possibilities that we obtain with the use of Solid Surface materials, we can create a washbasin perfectly suited to the interior. The version is recessed into the worktop, which will allow you to keep a large amount of space, or countertop. A modern solution is to finish the bathroom fittings in a satin- matt structure, which will perfectly complement the arrangement of the hotel bathroom.



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