How to mount concrete slabs on the wall?

How to mount concrete slabs on the wall?

It is best to mount concrete slabs on walls using glue.

Luxum® is the only Polish manufacturer offering certified and certified architectural concrete in the form of prefabricated decorative panels under the name CREATIVE-CONCRETE™, including a dedicated installation system for hybrid adhesive.

Natural architectural concrete Luxum has no artificial fibres, no dust and is free of cementitious agents (dust). The reverse side of the concrete slab is covered with a special polymer which increases the adhesion of the mounting surface to the adhesive.

How high can concrete slabs be mounted on Luxum® mounting adhesive?

The natural but lightweight architectural concrete in the slabs can be glued to a height of up to 12 metres. Above this height, the concrete slabs must be mechanically anchored using Luxum’s decorative brushed stainless steel anchor systems for installation between expansion joints or invisible hybrid anchors (glue + anchor) or screws with expansion bolts and decorative screw head caps. Decorative covers – universal assembly discs are available from stock. It should be remembered that in accordance with current regulations, elevations above 12 m cannot be insulated with foamed polystyrene, but only with mineral wool. This is a requirement of fire law.

What size of Luxum® Creative-Concrete™ concrete slabs can be installed on walls and facades using a system adhesive?

Concrete slabs in sizes 150x60cm, 120x60cm, 100x50xm, 90x55cm, 60x60cm, 60x30cm can be glued to walls inside the building and to external elevations. Decorative concrete slabs in any colour and structure (smooth, medium-porous premium class, strong-porous industrial class) can be installed on the adhesive.

Can decorative concrete slabs be glued directly onto the plaster?

Yes and no. It depends on the plaster type. The most popular plaster types are gypsum plasters and cement-lime plasters. Concrete slabs can be mounted on walls covered with cement-lime plaster. The plaster should be seasoned, dry, clean, compact, undamaged, vacuumed and primed with hybrid ground for Luxum architectural concrete.

Do not glue concrete panels onto gypsum plaster. Gypsum plasters are often used in new buildings. They are easy to apply, they are not demanding and it is easy to obtain the desired, aesthetic surface. Unfortunately, gypsum plaster, even of a higher class, is a hygroscopic base, i.e. it has a high capacity to accumulate and quickly release moisture. Even after proper preparation and priming of a wall with gypsum plaster, in unfavourable conditions the concrete slab may buckle and become detached from the surface under the influence of rapid moisture migration. Architectural concrete can be glued to walls only in stable conditions in terms of humidity and temperature.


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