The best architectural concrete – excellent quality performance

The best architectural concrete – excellent quality performance

Why should Luxum® architectural concrete, what’s different?


High Quality architectural concrete from Luxum® and made from this concrete decorative plates Crative-Concrete™, at walls, elevations, fireplaces, fences, stairs, floors, these are the first products of this type in Poland. Produced by unique technology using pure tap water, selected and washed quality aggregates and the best Swiss cements available in Europe. Furthermore, we also use Danish and Polish cements for certain concrete species.

This is the first architectural concrete produced under strictly controlled conditions and continuously tested.



Does the highest quality mean that architectural concrete boards are perfect?

Luxum® really delivers the highest quality of architectural concrete. We strive for perfection, but it is not possible to capture all the parameters of a concrete slab with millimeter accuracy. Natural architectural concrete is one that, under man-controlled conditions, is created by nature itself. Although pigments for concrete are applied by computer, over the humidity, air temperature, temperature and amount of water and a mixture of cement and aggregates is also sensitive to the computer. However, each concrete slab is slightly different. In the original architectural concrete, it is not recommended that each prefabricated board be perfectly identical. Then the plate is more artificial than a real concrete. Although differences are rarely detectable for the human eye.

Each lot of concrete and individual panels are selected to match color and dimension. The controller ensures that the plate is packaged for The Customer were made of one concrete series. However, each plate is slightly different. Even though the installation of architectural concrete is extremely easy (especially on the adhesive), this requires the assembly plan to be installed, panel reviews and, if necessary, regrind the sides or trim the correction. This is a completely normal operation, which involves the assembly of the plates.

Where can I request a project for wall assignment or elevation to architectural concrete and how much does it cost?

If your architect didn’t do it, please contact us. If you do not have an architect, experienced Luxum® designers will gladly make a design for you free of charge. They will design the arrangement of panels on the wall, elevation, floor, fireplace or fence. They will choose the appropriate size and number of boards and the necessary installation accessories. In the case of some elevations, or complex projects where the assistance of an authorized construction engineer is required by law, the project may require a fee for construction services. Of course, the costs are presented beforehand, which is then passed on to the customer for approval.

Where will I see the architectural concrete of Luxum® live and will I get samples?

The company’s website publishes a lot of photos that are sent by Luxum® customers. There is also a colour template.

Check the photo gallery of architectural concrete

Nevertheless, the photos do not always reflect the natural beauty of the perfect architectural concrete. That’s why it’s worth seeing the concrete slabs with your own eyes to be able to decide which colour and structure to choose. We invite you to Poland’s largest salon with architectural concrete arrangements. Luxum® Creative Interiors Gallery is a great place to make a good choice, watching the architectural concrete live, talking in person with a consultant and technical advisor.


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