Bathrooms in the block: Washbasins to size

Bathrooms in the block: Washbasins to size


Owning your own apartment is a dream of many people, however, the device and adapting the living space in it can be troublesome. Especially the arrangement of a small bathroom in a block of flats is a big challenge, because these rooms often have to fit into a very small area. Bathroom arrangement in a block of flats, both in a studio and in a small apartment is a project that should be well thought out, so that the arrangement of equipment and functionality of the whole room is optimal. An even greater challenge is to furnish bathrooms in old buildings. Arrangements of bathrooms in a block of flats or a tenement house from the past usually require more attention from the architect and experienced finishing team. At the stage of planning renovation of bathrooms in such apartments, one should also assume a bit more funds for hidden “surprises”.

An advantage of small flats in old buildings is their location, often very close to or in the very centres of cities. Elegant interior finishing, while taking care of the common parts of the premises and the facade, can turn old building investments into a climatic and comfortable place to live in. Good location and modern arrangement, which at the same time will emphasize the old character will transform an ordinary one-room flat into a functional micro-apartment. Luxum will of course help in designing and furnishing such demanding premises. In this section we focus on the design and arrangement of small bathrooms in the block of old buildings.


When undertaking the task of arranging a small bathroom in an old building block, it is worth consulting with an interior designer who will help us in ergonomic space management. Consultation with a professional will facilitate the arrangement of the bathroom in the block or tenement house, so that we gain a room comfortably and stylishly furnished. However, if we want to take on this task on our own, it is worth following a few rules. The basic issue is to determine the necessary sanitary equipment to install, including the choice between a bath or shower (in small bathrooms it is better to choose a shower).

Above all, dark colours that optically reduce space should be avoided. Bright colours will illuminate the bathroom and make it look bigger visually than it really is. The next step is to install a large mirror, which will reflect the space and enlarge it. When choosing materials for the fronts of cabinets, it is worth choosing glossy ones, such as lacquered MDF or wooden veneer, covered with a layer of glossy lacquer.


However, before choosing the bathroom furnishings, the expert should carry out a thorough inspection of the room and make the necessary openings. It is often necessary to replace and modernize the water and sewage system and adapt it to current standards. The same applies to electrical installation, often also gas or district heating installation and ventilation. It is also necessary to examine what are the walls, floors and ceilings. Very often you can find partition walls made of random materials or even reeds and mortar. If the installations have not been replaced in recent years, it is necessary to replace them with new ones.

In old buildings, it is common to find layered wooden ceilings, also in bathrooms. While the battens can usually be replaced without any problems, interference with the joists may be impossible. Even if it is possible, it requires the consent of not only the property manager, but often also the conservator of monuments. The use of some arrangement solutions can be problematic in this case. We will not use a shower surface made of tiles, and it will be difficult to install a low-profile shower tray, whose syphon would fit under the floor. That is why it is worth to know what awaits us beforehand and only then start to arrange the bathroom.


Bathrooms in the old building block are often of unusual shape, which makes them more difficult to manage, but it is worth to carefully consider the arrangement to use the potential of the room and create a unique space, which will be a perfect place for relaxation and care. On the Internet, in Luxum galleries and publications we will find a lot of inspiration and designs that will make it possible to store cosmetics, styling equipment and other necessary items usually found in the bathroom in a clever way.

One of the rules when arranging a bathroom in a block of flats is to store small elements in large containers. Thanks to this, the room is tidy and tidy, and small elements do not clutter the space. When arranging a small bathroom, it is best to opt for a simple style. Fashionable in tenement houses “retro” style, yes, it fits, but only in large bathrooms and bathing rooms. It will not work in small bathrooms. Round and subtle shapes, they take up a lot of space and make more corners to clean. In small bathrooms in blocks of flats such solutions are not very functional.


With a modern interior, you can regularly change the interior design with colourful accessories and accessories. Simple, dynamic lines relieve the visual strain on small bathrooms. Prepared to measure in any color and size, sanitary equipment allows you to literally sew a bathroom to measure. Luxum will prepare for your bathroom in a block of flats perfectly matched: furniture, cabinets, a washbasin with a worktop in one casting without joints, a paddling pool taking into account all technical problems and possibilities of installation, and even a bathtub with an unusual shape – ideally suited to the recess, or other prepared place.

A great, exceptionally elegant solution is to use solid surface composite cladding on walls in small bathrooms. Solid surface panels (e.g. Corian, Krion, Staron, Hanex, Hi-Macs, Kerrock, Montelli) can be installed on walls without oil. Hide all installations, curves and unevenness of walls underneath them. The solid surface tiles are completely waterproof. Jointless connection and no joints, makes cleaning easier and makes the bathroom more hygienic. An important aspect is that the solid surface composite consists of almost 90% real, natural stone. We have hundreds of designs and colours at our disposal.

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