Bathroom trends 2019 – Modern wash basins

Bathroom trends 2019 – Modern wash basins

Wash basins are not only basic sanitary equipment, but also one of the most important decorative elements determining the style of the bathroom. Therefore, the right choice of wash basin is very important.     

The real revolution is coming! The countertop washbasins are out of service and retired. Do you want a fashionably and elegantly furnished bathroom? Don’t even think about the usual countertop washbasins. Trends that are coming show clearly – countertop washbasins in the traditional version will be passe. They were not very comfortable, and keeping the underside of the washbasin clean is a feat worthy of promotion to the Olympics. This does not mean that countertop washbasins will completely disappear from designer and modern bathrooms.

They will continue to appear in luxury bathroom arrangements, but the top-mounted wash basins themselves will be a real metamorphosis. Dental countertop washbasins will be in fashion, only with thin walls not exceeding 12 mm. In the upcoming bathroom trends, it is clear that countertop washbasins will be used rather in unusual, large sizes, placed on low cabinets or bodies together with the bathtub. In this way they look very majestic, giving excellent arrangement results.

Free-standing washbasins are a range of bathroom furnishings that will remain fashionable for a long time to come. However, in this case too, the walls of the bowls should be thin so that the washbasins look light. The design has to be more decisive, no strange shapes. Free-standing washbasins will be elegant and minimalist in the form of a WALCA tube or cubist in the form of a cube with a square bowl. They are also equipped with rails or towel recesses.

Composite free-standing washbasins are a pure combination of luxury and elegance.  


Wash basins in one monolith together with the worktop are the direction in which the latest trends are going. This can be seen clearly at all major interior design fairs, designers’ proposals and projects of renowned architects.

Wash basins with single and double worktops, or even multi-station worktops, in one uniform, without visible connections, with clear straight lines and minimalist, almost ascetic form. The avant-garde and the recipe for distinguishing oneself from the past will be the line drains, which give the sink a sense of style, unique character and a taste of luxury. Wash basins with a top, preferably in snow-white, of course, just like other equipment, with a matt satin structure.

The dusk of traditional ceramics can be clearly seen in the washbasins. This is a very good material, but it will slowly go down in history. It will give way to new, modern materials, giving more opportunities to create and receive products with impeccable aesthetics, but at the same time very durable and hygienic. Ceramics does not give the possibility to create washbasins with a worktop over 110-120 cm long, its surface is undulating and there are curves.

In ceramics it is not possible to obtain sharp edges, linear outflows and matte structure. The use of ordinary dolomite castings of cast marble, which have their limitations, are also very heavy, similarly to ceramics, is controversial. Modern composites such as GFK Luxum, Krion, Corian or Staron allow you to create perfect, designer washbasins with a great look and great comfort of use.

The world’s best manufacturers are able to deliver real masterpieces of applied art to bathrooms thanks to composites. Thus, the combination of composites and minimalist design, economical in form and minimalist in form, is a kind of DNA of bathroom trends for the coming years, where an important element from the point of view of clarity of the arrangement, will be elegant washbasins.

We deliver custom-made washbasins, ideally suited to the interior and needs of the project.

Composite washbasins TRAILOR-MADE are an exceptional comfort of use and the beauty of a coherent arrangement.

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