Bathroom trends 2019 – Modern wash basins

Bathroom trends 2019 – Modern wash basins

Bathroom fittings

Trends indicate that the era of brushed stainless steel is approaching, as well as fittings in equipment or contrasting colours. Wash basin traps are used in a flush-mounted form. They will not disfigure or take up unnecessary space in cabinets under the wash basin. Wash basins will be dominated by concealed mixers in simple forms. The concealed shower systems used in the shower will increasingly be equipped with large shower heads that cover the entire body with a gentle jet of water.

The bathtubs will be equipped with a comfortable and modern inflow and overflow system.

Home hydromassage and air massage systems are not trendy – it is a great solution in SPA. Of course, we can implement a large spa bath in the home bathroom, but you need to have a place for such a solution and be sure that we will use such a bath.


The toilet bowl is an indispensable part of the bathroom furnishings. If the size of the bathroom allows, also install a bidet. This is a civilization requirement of a modern European. On the market we can find toilet bowls with bidet function.

The latest bathroom trends indicate that toilets will be slimmer, in a rather square or rectangular form. Oval toilet bowls are becoming a thing of the past. Slowly falling, white, matt board is essential in the set.

If possible, concealed systems should be installed, because concealed systems with elegant design buttons will be the standard in the bathrooms of the future.


Good lighting is essential. Fashion will be large, silver mirrors that stick into the wall lining. Point lighting should be used near the mirror as well as in the shower – the most appropriate will be LEDs. On the market we can already find laser lighting that will bring out from our bathroom its advantages and the best details. Trends in bathroom lighting indicate that rightly fashionable are luminous, suspended ceilings. It is a perfect solution, and also exceptionally aesthetic.

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