Exceptional wash basins to measure

Exceptional wash basins to measure

Luxury bathrooms

Washbasins to size


A custom washbasin is an ideal solution in the arrangement of a unique bathroom. Properly arranging an elegant bathroom is a challenge that can be easily solved by using a perfect solution, which is adjusting the sanitary equipment to the needs of this one and only special place. Manufaktura Luxum is not only innovative, advanced technologies and brilliant materials, but also people who with their rare skills and carefully cultivated fachem provide the best and unique.    

Fitting bathrooms with custom washbasins is the right choice, which will emphasize the prestige and lifestyle of the household members. Luxum, the manufacturer of washbasins, provides a supply of the highest level of washbasins, directly to the bathroom. A perfect fit of a custom-made washbasin is a guarantee of maintaining harmony with the whole bathroom arrangement.


A custom washbasin is definitely the most advantageous choice in terms of style and arrangement possibilities. It must be ergonomic, look perfect and have great utility values. This can only be guaranteed by the professional production of washbasins, based on passion, experience and materials that will prove themselves over the years, with the possibility of easy cleaning.

What is very important is that Luxum, the basin manufacturer, will prepare the basin in the desired size, shape and colour, with the structure of modern matt satin as well as traditional high gloss.  

Modern washbasins to Luxum size are a monolith without visible connections. Even when they have to be combined with a worktop in place due to their size, in your bathroom.

Your washbasins can be equipped with a classic round drain or an avant-garde linear drain that fits in perfectly with the modern style or minimalism. What’s more, it’s maintenance-free and virtually maintenance-free. All types of linear, slotted and traditional drains are connected to traditional or flexible or flush-mounted siphons, depending on the customer’s wishes.

Even large double or multi-workstation washbasins, or those with atypical or long worktops, are self-supporting, manufactured with a substructure, which makes installation easy and quick. As the only large washbasins available on the Polish market, they do not need specialist assembly frames.  

Custom wash basins can be perfectly matched to bathroom furniture and wash basin cabinets. What’s important, custom wash basins can be ordered from Luxum, together with a cabinet and other bathroom furniture, as well as mixers, faucets and siphons.       


Unique possibilities of bathroom arrangement perfect matching to the needs of users

excellent design with the possibility of creating virtually any shape of material heat, accepted from the environment

excellent quality and usability

unparalleled aesthetics and beauty of the monolith without visible connections

easy to clean, care for with generally available products

ability to regenerate and quickly renew after years of use

possibility of creating a wash basin in any colour and combining different colours in one product, e.g. a bowl with a worktop, etc.

surface with satin matt or high gloss structure

health safety materials only certified, hypoallergenic materials with requirements for drinking water



bathroom sinks

Classic washbasins with worktop

double and multi-workstation wash basins

atypical wash basins

wash basins for children’s bathrooms

hanging sinks

freestanding wash basins

countertop washbasins

under-top washbasins

wall-mounted wash basins and furniture fittings

washbasins with cupboards

Custom washbasins are manufactured by hand with great care, going through the stage of production as many as 12 control points. We want to make sure that the washbasin in your bathroom meets all your expectations.

All formalities to order a wash basin can be done:

in person at Luxum salon in Krakow at 44 Dekerta Street

at the representative office of the mobile Luxum consultant, who will carry out the necessary measurements if necessary

via the Internet – by sending an e-mail with an inquiry, describing the chosen form, size and colour; if possible, you can send us a project, a handwritten sketch or a photo

If you work with an architect, save time and contact us! All matters related to technical arrangements will be settled together, for a better final result.

Before commencing production, we prepare a comprehensive, free valuation.

After placing an order, a drawing is prepared and sent for your approval. On request, it is modified so that the wash basin meets all your requirements.

The production of wash basins usually does not exceed six weeks. It depends on their quantity, size, complexity, colour and material.

Solidly packaged wash basins can be collected personally and can be delivered on request by the Luxum driver or a specialist courier. Shipping takes place not only on the territory of Poland. Any damage caused in transport is eliminated free of charge and out of order, in a manner convenient for you. What is more, all orders are covered by a minimum 24-month manufacturer’s warranty. Each wash basin is accompanied by a Warranty Card and Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions. Wash basins of Luxum size do not require any special care, expensive, dedicated agents or impregnation. At the customer’s request, the ordered wash basin is installed at its destination, by professional Luxum service. It operates throughout the EU and associated countries.

Choose modern wash basins to suit Luxum  

Luxum washbasins are a good, optimal choice, because they will serve you for a long time, enjoying the eye, increasing the prestige and value of your property. It is a great and relatively inexpensive investment in the best – in your own home. Remember that you order directly from the manufacturer, which is convenient and safe. If you know the prices of such washbasins in showrooms, here you can be sure of a much more advantageous offer. What’s more, you can spend the saved money on further shopping or pleasure.

Luxum washbasins are proof that Premium class is not available to everyone, but a determined investor can fulfill his dreams of a beautiful and elegant bathroom. And that’s all at the best European level. Remember that you can order all other bathroom equipment together with the sink. Among other things: a washbasin cupboard or a complete set of bathroom furniture, as well as bathtubs and shower trays prepared to measure and stylistically matched to each other. What’s more, you can order a wall lining with architectural concrete, Corten steel and monolithic, without visible joints, solid surface composite Corian, Staron, Hanex, Kerrock, Hi-Macs, Montelli, as well as a cosmic material such as carbon fibre.

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