Luxury in bathroom – customized wash basins

Luxury in bathroom – customized wash basins


Contrary to appearances, it doesn’t take much to create a luxurious bathroom design. A good idea, a bit of self-denial, a purchase of high quality sanitary equipment and attention to detail are enough. Thanks to the harmony of these elements it is possible to create a room that will quickly become a home SPA. Luxury bathrooms are what enables comfort and moments of deserved rest after a hard day at work.


Luxury values space. The larger the size of the bathroom, the better the effect can be achieved. A large room size does not require any restrictions, so you can invest in a bathing room or large sanitary facilities, such as double bathtubs.


When designing luxury bathrooms, remember that they must be kept in a monochromatic style. The dominant colour should be white, shades of beige or grey. Green accents will also be perfect – these can be easily achieved by introducing plants into the bathroom. Light is also very important. It’s best to have a natural source of light. The window allows for easy ventilation by touch. However, if this is not possible, you need to look for sources of warm colour. Adequate lighting is essential when it comes to interior design. Moreover, it is also practical – e.g. for make-up or care treatments.


When creating a luxurious bathroom, attention to detail is also important. Furniture and sanitary facilities must interact and form an integral whole. It is also worth considering buying a mixer that will ensure maximum relaxation. A bathtub or shower cubicle with hydromassage is recommended here. Order is also essential. Scattered cosmetics or excess of cleaning products without their own place is obviously prohibited. Only the load prevailing in the space will allow for relaxation and proper rest. It is also important to choose details such as towels, toilet brushes or hangers – the whole thing must be consistent.

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